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Google is working on a cool, crowdsourced way to reduce app install sizes




Huawei Mate 20 Pro Google Play Store

  • Google is developing an app install optimization feature for the Play Store.
  • Use crowdsourcing to figure out the most commonly used parts of your app.
  • Then Google uses this information to streamline app installation.

Today’s Android apps can be quite large downloads and consume mobile data if they do not use Wi-Fi and take up storage space. It turns out that Google is looking for a rather interesting solution to this problem.

9to5Google I discovered that Google is developing a so-called app install optimization feature for the Play Store (Menu> Settings> Optimize app installation). It uses crowdsourced information to figure out which parts of the app people are using first.

“If enough people do this, Google can optimize apps to install, open and run faster for everyone,” the company explained. Support page function.

Why do you want to use this?

This can be useful for things like social media apps. 9to5Google Initially, it provides a browsing experience without any editing tools. It can also be useful Mobile gameAs you can see from the console, the first few levels are installed for quick startup and execution.

It’s not clear whether the least used parts of the app are downloaded in the background or only when needed. But the last thing you want to do is to unexpectedly download parts of the app via mobile data, so I hope the former applies.

Google also wanted to address privacy concerns with this feature. These search giants said they don’t collect any personal information, they don’t check content downloaded or uploaded by the relevant app, and they don’t see anything outside the app.


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