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Google leaks Zenfone 8 Flip and other unreleased smartphones




Asus Zenfone 7 Pro Triple Flip Camera Module

credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

  • Google has leaked the names of some unpublished and unpublished phones.
  • The list includes devices from eight Android OEMs.
  • Google later canceled the list, but not until several publications were on the list.

Google has spilled the bean on a number of unannounced smartphones thanks to the recently released update. List of devices that support ARCore.

First found 9to5Google, Google’s updated support article for augmented reality platform contains references to unreleased phones from eight Android OEMs. The full update has added 23 Android devices to the list, most of which have already been released. However, there are some new additions that haven’t seen the light yet.

Unannounced and unannounced calls on Google’s ARCore support list included the following names:

  • Asus Zenfone 8 Flip
  • LG Style 7
  • Motorola Moto G100
  • Oporino 5A
  • Oppo Reno 5 Pro Plus 5G Bosch
  • Realme 8 Pro
  • Samsung A52 4G
  • Samsung A72 4G
  • Samsung A82 5G
  • TCL 20 Pro 5G
  • ZTE Z6650S

There are also some phones that stand out more than the other phones on this list. For example, the Zenfone 8 Flip hasn’t been announced yet or hasn’t been officially teased. The smartphone could be Asus’ next flagship phone with a Snapdragon 888 processor. Of course, the name also suggests that it has the potential to accommodate flippy cameras similar to it. Zenfone 7 series.

There was also a mention of the Moto G100. The phone is believed to be a global model Motorola Edge S With the Snapdragon 870 processor.

The Realme 8 Pro has also appeared on the list. The company plans to launch a phone March 24 Device Redmi Note 10 series.

The OPPO Reno 5 Pro Plus 5G Bosch can be a special variant of the existing OPPO Reno 5 Pro Plus 5G.

meantime, Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 The phone has already been leaked extensively. The company’s Unpack release event. Galaxy A82 5G prediction Samsung’s second mobile phone with QRNG chip Galaxy A Quantum.

As expected, when an updated list was found, Google immediately removed all 23 newly added Android devices. The company probably ran the gun and will update the list again when these phones are announced or released.


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