At least if all you want is to make a huge amount of money, it’s great to be a Goog. With the continuing trend of the pandemic, Google and its parent company Alphabet are absolutely making it. Sales for the first quarter of 2021 were USD 55,313 billion, an increase of 34% from last year.

In terms of investment, more importantly, Google Beat analysts’ performance estimates, With a return of $26.29 per share versus the expected $15.82. That’s the kind of news that sells a lot more stocks and in fact Google has an impressive 4% gain in after-hours trading. Since last quarter’s Google performance It was also impressiveLike any other company that focuses on web services, you don’t need a genius to discover a year-long economic winner who has switched to remote work.

Ads on Google Search and YouTube continue to drive most of Google’s revenue. Search results were $31.9 billion, an impressive 30.2% increase. YouTube ads rose 48.6% from $4.04 billion to $6 billion. Revenues from Google Cloud (including the workspace suite) have grown from 2.7 billion to 4 billion. The cloud is still losing money, but this is an amazing jump. In the year many companies have consolidated their workforce, Google added nearly 17,000 new employees worldwide, for a total of 139,995.

Taking into account costs, costs and investments, Alphabet posted a net profit of $1793 billion in the quarter from $6.84 billion in the same period last year. In less noble terms: Google is making it that way. so Much more money than before

There is still a hazy ghost in front of Google’s rosy report. in America And Europe. Google is currently working to address these issues. Opening more Android to competing app stores and Increased distribution of revenue to developers, However, regulators can prepare legal sanctions that mask the amount of profits the company gets in the short term.