Google Photos can provide an excellent experience in managing your photos online, but we all know how messy your library can get over time. In fact, Google says that most of the images stored online cannot be viewed after uploading. Photos taken from last vacation are choked by screenshots, memes, and accidentally taken photos you put in your pocket, but the newly reorganized grid in Google Photos makes navigating your images a lot easier.

Google uses AI Provide an improved experience When searching for photos. The collection is still listed chronologically, but this improved grid focuses on putting real photos at the top of the feed to avoid confusion. This new photo tab also highlights the bundle albums, including travels, holidays, events, and the best collection of each month.

The grid still provides a library in the event timeline, but this new experience helps make your content more relevant. One of Google’s auto-generated bundles accidentally appears in your feed You can also hide it from view., Like the way Now you can remove your memories.. This operation only removes the collection, not the photos stored in the library, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting snapshots. Google’s new photo layout Start showing to users today, A new memory category for holidays will be displayed later this year.