Google has launched a new website for parents. today. But if you’re hoping that all new and improved parental controls for Android, Chromebooks and Google Accounts are all gathered in one central location on the web, you can be disappointed. This website is just a resource to give parents an overview of what tools they have and what to look for to protect their children online.

Google Families is primarily aimed at parents whose children are just starting to live online. Google has “composed a detailed guide that explains in detail how to approach your child’s use of technology. group Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, Family Online Safety Institute, Headspace, PBS KIDS, Sesame Workshop, and more. “You can also find details on Google’s family and kids products on the site, including Family Link, the company’s parental control tool.

Google has also worked with a meditation app. Head space new Headspace Breather Series It will be featured every week on YouTube and YouTube Kids in the future.

It’s great to see Google create resources for parents, but I prefer to offer better parental controls. The company today introduced some new Family Link features, “Always allow” app Ignoring the screen time limit is not too exciting. We hope that the new family website will be a sign that Google is ready to power up the game and that someday we can get a web version of Family Link.