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GOP leader McCarthy stuns CNN reporter by arguing that Trump’s attempted election steal doesn’t count




The Republican Party wants to simply pretend that the January 6 uprising never happened. The leader of their party, the man they raised to the presidency, urged his poisonous conspiracies theory to follow in the hall of American democracy, resulting in numerous deaths and destruction of the sacred American tradition of a peaceful transition of power.

If they have any moral courage, any principles at all, the Republican will join the Democrats to seize him and support persecutory efforts. Instead, they want to convince us that an attempted coup is not a big deal. The reason why they refused to condemn Trump even now is twofold.

One, they are afraid to isolate the MAGA base which is now the most powerful voting bloc within the GOP. Two, many Republican senators and congressmen-notably Senator Ted Cruz at Senator Josh Hawley—Which started with Trump’s lie that the election was stolen in the days leading up to the uprising. In their lust for partisan influence, they tried to help overthrow a free and fair election. Any accusation of Trump then was also an allegation of those who tried to help him maintain power.

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Now, CNN’s Manu Raju asked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about Republican attempts to overthrow the election. According to The Dispatch’s Haley Byrd Wilt, McCarthy responded in a “patronizing” mode to Raju’s valid question and said that because Republican attempts to overthrow the election were futile, they didn’t really count.

That’s like saying because your murder attempt was unsuccessful you shouldn’t be responsible for it. It’s like saying that because you didn’t survive the money after robbing a bank then you really didn’t do anything wrong. It’s patently absurd at face value and this level of shamelessness shows how little Republicans like McCarthy think of voters.

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