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Group worked fast and saved historic Northern Kentucky tree



Edgewood, Ky. – Kenton County High School officials planned ginkgo tree plying on behalf of RC Johann Edgewood School, but then group formed online to save him.

Kenton County School spokesperson our time Dykes said Saturday dismissed;

The Kenton County School for us to recognize the importance of the beloved ginkgo tree and beat him in the game will always be a slave. Is exceeding sorrowful, we may be able to defend them in the country of reviewing all options to the construction of a tree in the. District staff have taken the necessary steps to preserve the tree removed, and the school is not part of the construction. Our goal is to provide world-class facilities for our kids and the need to find alternative solutions will continue to carry forward the Johann.

“The tree’s absorption of overwhelming,” said Smith star.

Her child to school with Johann R. School and nearby mistress.

“The whole school was built around that tree and it was so drink off a jug. So if you are in school, each plant a tree is named. So, there’s a synergy going on, “said Edgewood City Council member Ben Barlage.

He said he traced the tree as far back Barlage, since the 1800s, when the Civil War veteran, George Tully use the property as a holiday spot.

After the ceremony the clipping, Kentucky A standard American name was added in 1918, so that well-known with the neighbor the land of attorney in the name of the same John had his O’Neal.

For it is not of God, he has the image of the delivery of the deed in the sight of graduating take classes of a tree.

‘There are so many academic year, and Northern RC, Johann Gabriel, who Kentuckians a special place in their hearts, for the tree, “he said Barlage.” This time, he is an artist, too, does not know, that at one time, now for the first time takes precedence over the architecture and space, and from the cause to the cut down a tree. “

“It has a lot of history just do not think I would lose Edgewood,” said Smith. “We have a lot of construction going on.


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