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Guide to Using Memes as a Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy



The best way to do social media marketing if your company is a big corporation or just starting up is by regularly engaging with the audience. Engagement is the most crucial factor when we discuss social media marketing. So, what types of content are the best at engaging people? If you want to keep your social media marketing audience engaged, then memes are an awesome way to do so. In reality, whenever you’re on social media, it’s not just about posting for your business; it’s about sharing and discussing content that either entertains or moves people and influences them in some way!

A meme is an effective form of engagement to help maintain interest in your messages, support your subject matter, improve brand identity and increase your follower base. However, people make several mistakes when it comes to social media memes. Let’s jump in and learn everything we can about them, including how we can ensure that these mistakes won’t hinder our success in creating a successful influencer agency NZ for this trendy format of native content!

Why Are Memes Used in Marketing?

Given the popularity of memes, it can be tempting to engage in right immediately. However, before opting to utilize them as an advertising medium, you should pause and consider whether they can genuinely benefit your company. 

Memes Are Inexpensive

You don’t always need to create something from scratch to produce quality content. Sometimes the best memes are made from repurposed or recycled content, and it’s far cheaper for you, as well as your business than producing original images or videos. You don’t need any fancy technology or dedicated programs either – all you need is a rough concept of how your meme should appear, your preferred meme templates, and a simple video editing tool. 

As an entrepreneur on a budget, there is no need to create an original meme picture each time (and this will save you both time and money), so feel free to use existing media by adding some text over it- the wittier, the better!

Memes Are Shareable

Memes are the hottest content on the internet right now. Smart marketers know that people share memes for two main reasons – either because they’re genuine of interest or because people turn to them when they want a quick laugh. Either way, making people smile can go a long way in establishing your brand identity and getting your business message out there!

Memes Help to Foster a Sense of Community

The best way to make yourself stand out as an entrepreneur is by cultivating relationships with your fans and followers. People will feel more a part of your business if they can relate to your cause or viewpoint. Memes are a fun, quick, and contagious way to get people thinking about what you want them to think about!

You should find humor in things you post, with the possibility of sharing those funny moments with an audience who will most likely get it. Because they understand what you’re talking about, they will feel closer to you and your brand. And making people laugh? It just feels good! Remember that there is one basic rule: Be creative, be funny, and most importantly, be relatable!

How to Use Memes to Ignite Your Social Media Marketing?

Conduct Extensive Research

Do you want your memes to be shared by your audience? They’ll be happy to share if they’re interesting and valuable to them. Be sure that you thoroughly research what will make them like your memes. Study them to know how they use memes when communicating on social media and what makes them want to share.

Ensure Your Meme Matches the Tone of Your Business

Your memes should align with the same brand voice that you’ve established. While it might be easy to come up with funny ideas on your own, you also need to clearly define what kind of memes you’ll share as a whole so that you don’t confuse your audience and keep things consistent. However, memes can run the gambit from cheeky and subtle to super weird and alternative, so it’s important to understand where your brand falls along that continuum.

Understand Your Memes

Posting memes is a great way to keep your audience engaged, but it’s important to be very careful about this. Memes have their language, and if you post something that doesn’t fit the format properly, it’s going to look out of place. There are specific formats that all meme-creators must follow, or else your brand might come off as unprofessional. That’s why when using a meme generator, it’s best to hire a meme maker who understands memes inside and out; this way, they can create a custom meme that still fully represents your brand while staying within its guidelines!

Create Your Memes

Being an original content creator can be a difficult feat to accomplish. Still, it gives you the much-needed opportunity to become a leader and authority figure within your given field. Working within the guidelines of your brand style means that you have to align the concepts of your memes with each other so as not to confuse anybody with different messages they may contain, or else this might get backlash from your consumer base! 

Make Use of Relevant Memes.

Any meme on the internet only has a certain amount of time it will last. Memes have a short lifespan, and as a marketer, one must always stay up to date with the fast-changing internet trends. It is best to discover what your target market is talking about by regularly monitoring social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. These will undoubtedly help you identify hot topics relevant to ordinary people. Remember, like everything else on the internet – memes do take time to go viral, so if you can create them about present trends, you will be sure that they will stick rather than become obsolete after a week.

Post Meme With Captivating Hashtags

It’s no secret that memes can be a great way to connect with your audience on social media! However, like many other things, it all comes down to how you use them. When it comes to meme marketing, one of the best ways to ensure its success is by using captivating hashtags and captions relevant to your brand. 

Here’s what you should do: -Add at least two hashtags -Your brand name must be obvious but only as your first hashtag. It needs to make an impression but remain short enough not to put off the user or distract from your secondary hashtags (which should always be catchy slogans). 


Memes are an excellent way to connect with your audience in a way that’s both fun and easy to understand. Memes are easily relatable and can be a great way to increase engagement and interaction with your audience. Here are a few tips for using memes as a part of your social media marketing strategy.

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