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Gunfire was exchanged during a Nashville traffic stop that left the driver killed and officer injured, video shows



Gunfire was exchanged during a Nashville traffic stop that left the driver killed and officer injured, video shows


The woman, 31 years old Nika Nicholas Holbert drove away from the scene after the gunfire wounds and later died at the nearby hospital, according to police.

The officer, MNPD Field Office lorem Josh Baker was wearing a stop and a traffic vest in a steady state after they shot once in the abdomen.

Oh, is said to Aaron, MNPD spokesperson said that the video, which has been closed, Holbert was driving a car registered it, when he has been convicted of a felony, to warranty, and six years for your to be released.

Baker, a 14-year veteran of the department, it would see a trail cam in the attack on the vehicle in the parking lot of a Dollar General store. And one can hear the real dispatch, and their place of asking for another officer.

The body showed that it was complying with a video camera Holbert Baker’s demands that the propaganda vehicle to move back.

Holbert Baker seeks to stop going through “her purse, and she had her hands and see a show. During a search of his bag, Holbert seems to be smoking on the phone, talk to someone she addresses her as a mother.

An image of moments bodycam footage released by the stop before the gunfire MNPD shows the traffic laws;

“Her compliance with the discharge of which appeared to have changed Baker found to be substantially powder marijuana, bag, or while waiting for backup to detain the leaders,” Aaron said Friday.

Then comes in the footage baker to bring me a favor, “Holbert replied:” It is not my sleeves. There is nothing wrong. “

And I saw in the body, running around the back of the cam Holbert by the way I see her holding the bag on the side of the car’s drive in the back of the chair of the first and complained of this, I see that he had received.

The officer holds up to stun gun Holbert and commands to get down on the ground which responds by screaming, “No” many times, video shows.

Holbert and sits in the driver seat of the vehicle, it brings to the officer that the stun gun. Which are ashamed of it seems to be in the several times I see that in the Holbert.

I see the coming of the capture of a certain thing of inside the car, therefore, to him, And he shows that among the shocks.

Holbert and ordered to be sent back “to lay down in the gun” by two and two, before the exchange of gunfire attracts the body of the flute shows a video camera. According to Aaron Holbert shot down before Baker returned fire. The dashboard camera also showed an additional change of angle. Many heard gunshots in the space of two seconds.

After Baker falls down to the, abroad, having left his driving a car, and it seems to Baker, in the Holbert I well understand that the wounded in the parking lots.

Holbert’s car ran off the stage after the block on the road, said Aaron release on video. MNPD the help of the leaders of the things which before were dead to the Holbert is I was transported back to his chamber to the stage of her lament her, according to Aaron.

Baker officer at the hospital remain stable condition after surgery for a gunshot wound to his chest which is located in the abdomen beneath it, said Aaron, and the investigation is in the “early stages” and permanent.