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Halsey’s New Makeup Brand Is A Love Letter To The MySpace Era




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If you do not yet know, is the real deal when it comes to the beauty of the things that Halsey. As a singer, the makeup is not her own, for the most part on the way, at this faith from the performances, photoshoots, award show her face, the white covers.

You know what glittery blue eye on her list 2020 manic? All that’s it!

The sense is that it makes perfect Halsey, who also happens to be skilled painter, is finally launching its own line of makeup. Say hello to the face

Christ explained to him from following the divine will with love for her is a part of the back of the painting Halsey, should elucidate the expression of your face by fortune-telling Byrdie“I was what you are student, so the paint and paint. I just something that has to be makeup’m always active, will have to learn to deal with the brush of color.”

You can see the faces’s, as the first offerings, which they include highlighters, crayons and lip glosses, sticks and beauty tools Eyeshadow – looking for products such as foundation.

The bold line on the sublime and various goods for self-expression, which pays homage to Halsey’s withTo “in the way makeup makeup influences, and I have always liked very much ’90s, heavy, very strongly MySpace scene queen bought a revival.”

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