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Harris Co. deputy captured on camera punching teen on ATV




COUNTRY Harris, Texas (KTRK) – Young A deputy in the County Sheriff’s office desk on the following Wednesday night to see his ears tingle for punching a teenager and captured video.

The incident took place last Friday, March 26.

Worship, and the Northwest Cicero County high school sophomore to live, was riding his ATV with two other friends in the neighborhood. And, mounted on the back of the ATV, for which the whole is the foul thing, and the GoPro camera has a teenager eros.

A haven for teens when they came near to the fuel gas in the near future, in the county of which I have seen the Sheriff of Tullius Cicero, the vicar, who is the relation of place, repeated in front of him.

The video shows the deputy, with a drink in his hand and walk into the Shell gas station and called Charles approach. It is, therefore, in order to ATV and gave them to drink, Who are seeking their own freedom from a teenager.

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“He just looked at me and said that it takes two seconds to put my hands behind my back, ‘and the teen told ABC13 Wednesday. “I panicked when he’s away from him and pulled away, and caught myself.”

How deputy teen taking, he could be heard screaming and cursing on the video.

“Do not run from me boy I beat (expletive) here,” said deputy who is significantly older Mark. “Turn around and put your hands behind their backs before I beat the (expletive) out of you. Do not (expletive) stupid! “

And then the deputy to see your face and punching the teenager on themselves and on the ground. And then, the deputy handcuffed and marched around the vehicle.

There are two reasons, are appalled at Japan appear to others, do you seek in regard to each other, as seeking and as to those attending, “What happened to him?”

He was taken away: for it is a witness, to me, is the place of news Vivamus (where he was, at any rate) for a few hours. He said authorities took fingerprints on his parents to let him go.

However, there are certain charges and the County Sheriff’s Department Cicero tells ABC13 the teen was charged with evading arrest.

Looking back fierce battle captured on video, the deputy appears to be running away from him to accuse us live before.

Not to have known the way of the law and ATVs on my own experience, to live by the Lord Deputy himself and his friends by means of the first drive.

However do not remember ever meeting teen said deputy. Further, he said, he’s not in trouble before, and I do not think it would have led to him getting punched by getting as ATV gas and arrested.

“I just do not think I should be treated, because this is just riding on the street,” Ashton said. “A 16-year-olds got a lot of ATVs … (who) want to have fun with their friends.”

Meanwhile, the teen’s mother said ABC13 do not know why he is one of the incident and handle it the way a child.

Sentences for County Sheriff Department, said things had already begun an internal investigation. The deputy, who was not identified, now at the office desk.

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