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Harris moving into Naval Observatory residence after renovations delay




Harris and Emhoff have lived temporarily in Blair House, the president’s guest room on Pennsylvania Avenue, across from the White House, since Harris took office. The vice president’s official residence is on the premises of the United States Naval Observatory, a couple of miles from the White House.

Harris ’lead spokeswoman Symone Sanders had he said last week that the repairs included the maintenance of the air conditioning system, the replacement of the chimney linings and the refurbishment of some of the wooden floors. Sanders said repairs were made easier with the house unoccupied.
Harris returned to Washington on Tuesday for an Easter weekend in California and a two-day trip vaccine promotion and Biden administration infrastructure plan. According to the pool, Harris took Marine 2 from Andrews base base on his return.

The delay in moving had left Harris increasingly annoyed, according to several people who spoke to CNN. “She’s frustrated,” an administration official told CNN earlier.

The 19th-century home in northwest Washington, DC, has been the vice president’s official residence since Walter Mondale took office, according to the White House.

Biden told a February CNN town hall that living in the White House is “very different” from the vice president’s residence, where he lived for eight years under the Obama administration.

“You can get out of a porch in the summer and jump into a pool and, you know, get to work,” Biden said of the Naval Observatory’s residence. “You can ride a bike and never leave the property and exercise.”