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“He went from that to talking trash” – Derek Brunson remembers when Kevin Holland was a fan instead of a foe




UFC middleweight Derek Brunson shares your conversations with Kevin Holland before he became famous and discovered that Holland was a humble young fighter in his early days with the UFC, not the outspoken fighter we know as we are today.

In a recent interview with BT Sport, Derek Brunson was asked if rumors about him were probably training with his UFC Vegas 22 the opponent is in preparation for some of his previous fights ever accomplished. Brunson told interviewer Adam Cattarall that they never ended up in training together. However, both fighters knew each other well, and Kevin Holland respected Derek Brunson much more. Undaunted by the Dutch pranksters around the speech and before the fight, Brunson said that he would try to knock out the Netherlands on March 20.

It was about three years ago when he first debuted in the UFC. Sometimes I reach for him like, “hey, good fight.” He was like, “oh man, that’s such a blessing for you to come to me I’m so honored. I fought in the regional round, and now I’ve got UFC’s Derek Brunson saying he has a good fight ‘.

“So he was one of those, and then he went from it to the trash he talks to. I’m, okay. I see what this is. It’s not bad blood. I’m going to try to knock out this kid devastatingly … I’m all business,” he said. is Derek Brunson.

Kevin Holland repeatedly insulted Derek Brunson on the eve of UFC Vegas 22

Derek Brunson, 37, is an old veteran of the UFC middleweight division. Known as a senior-ranked goalkeeper, Brunson has stopped a wave of ups and downs during his string of wins in three fights lately to make himself relevant in the division.

Kevin Holland mentioned Brunson’s failure to place in the front row in a recent interview with SCMP MMA and dismissed it as a less significant fight than Holland’s last opponent Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza.

“Jacare was a bigger win than Brunson. You beat Brunson, you usually go to win the title. So, you know, beat Brunson and all the luck, luck … is on my side. That’s exactly how it goes – Beat Brunson, you get the title, if you Brunson wins, you still get a chance for the title … He’s just someone sitting in the middle, “Kevin Holland said.

Derek Brunson and Kevin Holland are scheduled to fight in the main event of the five rounds of UFC Vegas 22. The event will take place on March 20, 2021 at the UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Posted March 19, 2021, 4:56 AM IST