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Here are 3 new Chromebook features you should use now




A week ago Chrome OS birth date, To display 10 years of the Google operating system. To congratulate Google Loads of features from version 89 Power up your Chromebook. There are tons of tons to analyze in the new update, but I want to tell you about the three highlights we loved.

Screenshots are automatically copied to the clipboard

It’s a small change you won’t notice, but it’s very useful. When I take a screenshot on Chrome OS 89, I get a little notification message in the notification saying “Copied to Clipboard”. Yes. As soon as you take a screenshot, it is automatically copied to your clipboard, so you can easily paste it into chats, emails, documents, image editing tools. Twitter, etc.

The automatic copy function Improved screen capture experience It simplifies the entire process of selecting the exact area of ​​the screen you want to capture. The new tool incorporates a basic screen recorder.

Pin files to taskbar with Tote

It’s incredibly annoying that you can’t mess up your desktop with related files in Chrome OS, but Google has introduced a new feature that’s even better, Tote. You may have seen a new area filled with thumbnails next to the status bar on the taskbar, and tapping on it will show you a collection of recent downloads and screen captures. But there is more to this space. You can pin files by right-clicking and selecting them in the file manager. Fixed on the shelfYou can easily access files that you need frequently or are currently related to, without having to search your storage. This also applies to items stored in Google Drive.

Improved clipboard with records

There is another improvement around the clipboard that can improve your workflow. Now Chrome OS automatically saves the last 5 copied items to the clipboard for later use. You can access it with: Search + v Or right-click and Clipboard From the menu. The clipboard retains a variety of formatting and images, so you can easily paste text and pictures into their original intended shape. If you need to paste plain text, select it with the arrow keys and click Shift + Enter Just instead Start.

Google took a considerable amount of time to complete this feature. It was first discovered. June 2020 It has become more and more fully functional. I personally want to access more than 5 items, but I can see that it can be easily overwhelmed without a way to search for items.

These are some of the key things you must use to increase your productivity. But Chrome OS 89 has more features. Full collection of everything new and notable.

Kent Duke contributed to this post.


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