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Here’s What Barack Obama Said About Michelle Obama’s Iconic Inauguration Look




“She looks good form and good for me. “

Obama’s President Joe Biden’s office remember looking at Mark? But that we may not be able to?

Jonathan Ernst / Getty Images

Andrew, Caballero Reynolds / Getty Images

Second Marie ClaireHe gave the former President, Michelle’s perspective, it is a book club arranged a return From the cradle?.

Andrew, Caballero Reynolds / Getty Images

“I do not know how it will be on them is that Mark with them in their purses” Barack once cracked.

Jonathan Ernst / Getty Images

“I asked her out to dinner, Michelle the father’s second of the night, ‘he said.’ I said, ‘Listen, boy, you’re gorgeous.’ You know that I understand that at all you are not a fashion icon. But, he said, ‘your hair, what was that? Because what’ s not one thing, to look on. ‘ ‘

Win McNamee / Getty Images

The conclusion to Barack’s response, the film does not lie, and it is perfect: “Otherwise there might be more than just knowing the answer looks more than good looks. I understand.”

Oh do not be so hard on yourself, man. Got all of its kind.

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