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Here’s what Covid vaccines are worth to Big Pharma




Contrary to what little is priced at $ 20 per dose, Pfizer laboratory (pfe) Of sales expected The vaccine developed with BioNTech (BNTX) to total nearly $ 15 billion by the end of this year, with a profit margin of about 30%.

Vaccines typically are rich in the Big Pharma does not apply to, The, compared to the largest of medicine used to treat chronic conditions.

flu vaccines the balance of the lower margin business, “said Seamus Fernandez, Senior Managing Director at Guggenheim Securities. There are of course exceptions – including the Prevnar vaccine that protects elderly, from pneumococcal pneumonia to which Fernandez described as” the most lucrative for Pfizer. But the drug’s maker Covid vaccine is likely to be bigger is still a money maker.

The developing vaccines was gambling that they tried all the communities, and especially with the government taking the drug makers are mature.

“It would be shocking if the vaccine had failed. There was a write off,” said Fernandez. “Obviously, to Pfizer modern (cDNA) and Johnson & Johnson, it would be pretty Nice Cardinal. ”
though Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) He said, however, will provide the vaccine is non-for-profit, so that it is from the world for a long time suffering from the pandemic continues, it is in the company, and with the money that it is not, nor ever asked anything of him.

That is because there is an assumption among experts and executives at drug companies, and even after the pandemic has passed, people will need to take to keep from running a new high for the shots to fall.

“Genetic mutations occur naturally in the virus replication and spread,” he said in the laboratory Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla recent call with analysts. “Nothing is more probable, with a salad would become necessary in the next few years to boost COVID 19 patients vaccinated with a vaccine encoding various spike.”

That is the sales even more – and more profitable – in vaccines.

Laboratory Pfizer earnings by Bourla on Thursday defended that provides vaccines and Johnson & Johnson in non-profit basis. By indicating that it can not be removed poorer countries less than- to afford $ 20 a dose, the vaccine is provided by the price. He also said that unlike other companies Bourla, Pfizer, if the taxpayer does not receive the vaccine develop their own money, and he took the risk and investment of $ 1 billion to $ 2 billion in research and development.

“In this world, it reduces the value is much more higher [than the price]”Bourla, said in an interview on Thursday CNBC. “Not only that, but the health and safety tremendous economic value price. The price is now free for all Americans. The price is a fraction which is gaining control of the economy.”

Despite the large sum of money will likely have to do with what they bring in, and shall not: Covid over many of the great societies of the vaccines is not just the game-changing drug.

Pfizer laboratory for one, expects 2021 revenue of $ 44 billion and $ 46 billion and $ 14 billion to the benefit of not counting any spike in revenue from its Covid vaccine. ($ 41.9 billion in its revenues in 2020 totaled.) Laboratory Pfizer Big Pharma and other companies have seen their share price trail the gains in the S & P over the course of the last 12 months.

One exception is the modern, relatively new drug that was approved without products for sale as recently as 2019. The drug maker is only $ 60 million in revenue that year, and took on $ 529 million in revenue and $ 200 million grant from the morning his 2020. the sales revenue of $ 16 billion for vaccines is forecast for 2021, vaccines from sales. What is the last 12 months with 187 shares Modern%.

The governments around the world placed orders for 18 billion doses of various vaccines since late last year, and this year, according to an estimate by Airfinity, according to a London research firm. That one is not enough and more than enough to vaccinate all the people of the planet is almost at an 8 billion between the two times. Was found to be of faces should the Order of the helm of all vaccines in well, or they could be worthy of the soldiers, were the production of plumb-line.

The development has made some efforts to encounter problems.

One of the reasons Merck, Poland (MRK) had the capacity to help in excess produce something from Johnson & Johnson vaccine his the development efforts failed. On Thursday, Denmark, Iceland and Norway suspended the use of a vaccine developed by AstraZeneca (AZN) University of Oxford after reports of blood clots. And several other companies, including Pharmaceuticals (GLAXF) His companion Sanofi (SNY)There are, however, and acquitted in their approbation of those who did not come to the making of waiting for the one afterwards except the initial vaccines so far this year.

For the rest, nothing to the stock of billions of parts, each one of which is in the direction downwards; the vaccines are the PR industry, unlike any time.

Typically the patients are taking the drug neither will I be on a daily basis, however, know also, that drugmaker of the product is. At best, they know the brand name of the drug, said Tinglong Dai, professor at Harvard Unversity business. Coronavirus of the vaccines: on the one hand, the development of drug makers to this day, he says, I have given to you his good the brand.

“There really has been a sea change in the way people perceive it,” said Dai. “There are greedy drug companies or charge outrageous prices. We’re on the health of the world. There is a bright Pr.”

In fact, the vaccine may also help to quiet the recent development talk about government action to drive down drug prices, he said.