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Here’s why GTA Online players should buy the Buffalo STX




GTA Online players should not miss the Buffalo STX, the latest vehicle in the Contract DLC update.

The Buffalo STX is a powerful muscle car based on the modern Dodge Charger. It is also another variant of the classic Buffalo vehicle. Despite its similar characteristics, this version really stands on its own merits. He may even be considered the best in that lineup.

A completely upgraded Buffalo STX is sustainable threat in competing lobbies. Rockstar has finally taken care of its latest vehicles. GTA Online players should definitely take a look at this one. Of all the Contract DLC vehicles, this one has the greatest potential.

GTA Online Review Buffalo STX: Here’s why players should buy this vehicle

Here’s a closer look at the Buffalo STX from the latest update. GTA Online players could definitely use it in their personal garage. Not only does it have an elegant design, but it also supports its praise. The Buffalo STX is a very reliable vehicle for several different reasons.

Performance and price

According to precise testing by Broughy1322, the Buffalo STX has a top speed of 126.25 miles per hour. This makes him one of fastest muscle cars throughout the game, which is an impressive feat.

What makes this vehicle useful is its excellent performance. Thanks to the engine with a compressor, players will easily reach maximum speed in the blink of an eye. It also has good enough handling to cut through curves.

The Buffalo STX is sold at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos. GTA Online players can get it at the following prices:

  • $ 1,612,500 (trade price)
  • $ 2,150,000 (regular price)

To unlock the trading price, players must purchase Celebrity Solutions Agency. It alone will cost more than two million dollars, but it is an investment that pays off. It will definitely pay off in the long run for GTA Online players.

Special features

The Buffalo STX is one of the few vehicles that can use Imani Tech items. Most players would consider using it Projectile lock jammer. This prevents opponents from using missiles to guide the Buffalo STX. GTA Online mourners will have a harder time hitting their targets.

GTA Online players can also use the remote control unit. As the name suggests, this useful device allows players to remotely control their Buffalo STX. Unfortunately, players cannot install both Imani Tech items, so they can only select one.

Last but not least, the Buffalo STX can install machine guns and nearby mines. This weapon will give them some offensive and defensive options.

Final judgment

The fully upgraded Buffalo STX makes traveling through Los Santos much easier. Home missiles are a doom for many GTA Online players. The Buffalo STX can solve these problems by using a projectile lock jammer. It can also protect a player with high defensive armor.

Even better, this vehicle has really good performance. It’s fast and agile, so players can get where they need to go. When fully utilized, the Buffalo STX does not disappoint.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.

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