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House to vote to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act




A bill to reauthorize a bipartisan VAWA, as it is known, is designated by the House this month at a Democratic Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and the House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler of New York and Republican Rep. Teach Pennsylvania Brain.

A bill of man take heed how he builds on prior versions of the funding for the New VAWA at all in allowing concessions to aid him, and so did another or her sexual orientation and identity of the efforts to prevent and combat, by means of the form is, domestic violence, approaches dating violence and to deliver aid to victims.

According to the sheet from the House Judiciary Committee, the bill would improve the victims, and to help expand the responsibilities of hosts will perform this. The law also includes provisions turbine housing more accessible to the head to save time by ensuring security economic benefits to the state of men who were denied jobs do not leave out sexual harassment or assault or domestic violence or stalking soccer.

Biden applauded the effort to reauthorize VAWA, in a statement said that the recent introduction of a bill to Congress “come together to ensure a rapid transit way through a bipartisan VAWA legislation in the Senate and House.”

Biden went on to say, “Cicero said violence is a pandemic a pandemic Covid-19 and I wanted to understand the conditions that the growing pandemic have resulted in escalated Rates of intimate partner violence, and in some cases more severe injuries.”

The Democratic-controlled House voted in 2019 to reauthorize the law has expired, but did not pass reauthorization Republican-control of the Senate.

Already reached his majority to the Democratic Republic of the palace will be made ready for those who will no longer pass through the reauthorization. At this time the control Senate Democrats around, but does not go far enough to the face of the efforts of the chamber on high, in the future is uncertain, it is. With a 50-50 split times, not enough to overcome the Republicans both sides to support the price of Football.

He asked if they would support the reauthorization bill, Senate Minority Leader George Gemistus McDonnell said Tuesday that the GOP Senator Joni Ernst of New York “was our leader on that issue.”

After Ernst told reporters, “We are working on the bill again, taking what worked in the last Congress and will likely have endeavored,” adding that “it will be different from the House bill. ”

Iowa Republican said she hopes to be able to “work through the differences in the two bills, and move forward to find the areas of agreement and modernized.”

“We’re willing to work on the Democrats, by combining strength and hopefully we can come up with the 60 votes needed,” Ernst said.

CNN’s Chandel Duster and Ashley Killough attention to this report.