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How good is the Enus Jubilee in GTA Online?




GTA Online players can now buy the Enus Jubilee, a luxury SUV with exclusive features.

The vehicle is inspired by a real-life Rolls Royce Cullinan. GTA Online players can recognize this in the earliest screenshots for The Contract DLC. Along with the Dewbauchee champion, the Enus Jubilee was announced by the Rockstar Games themselves.

GTA Online players will have to set aside a lot of money for this SUV. It is predictably expensive, given the status of a luxury vehicle. Its main value lies in the exclusive approach to Imani Tech upgrades. Here’s what players should consider before buying Jubilee.

Here’s a look at the Enus Jubilee from GTA Online

Enus Jubilee is now available for GTA Online. Players need to really consider its full potential, which is what this article intends to do. Here is a brief overview of the Jubilee and what it can do for the player.

Price and performance

The video above shows how the Jubilee behaves in relation to other SUVs, especially the Astron and Toros. It has really good acceleration for an SUV, but lags behind at top speed. Jubilee is not nearly as fast as Astron and Toros, even when completely upgraded.

That being said, this is it not a slow vehicle in any way. Jubilee cuts corners quite easily, thanks to smooth handling. GTA Online players can still cover a lot of mileage here. It’s not the best in its class, but it can still hold up.

Jubilee is sold through the Legendary Motorsport website. It usually costs $ 1,650,000, although players can unlock the trade price at $ 1,237,500. Although it should be a luxury vehicle, it has a very basic interior. This can be a little disgusting for certain players who want a little more.

Various upgrades

GTA Online recently introduced Imani Tech upgrades for several selected vehicles. Players can install a Remote control unit or a projectile lock jammer, respectively. Unfortunately, the Jubilee can have only one and not the other. Players can also equip a variety of weapons, such as machine guns and slippery mines.

Should players buy Jubilee?

The main advantage of Jubilee is that it has access to both the remote control unit and the remote control Projectile lock jammer. It is probably the cheapest vehicle that can equip these upgrades. GTA Online players should get the Jubilee if they want these useful devices as well.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.

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