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How long does a season last in Stardew Valley?




Seasons in Stardew Valley not only does it have implications for gaming, but it also drastically changes the way the game looks from a visual standpoint. In each season, there are different crops, fish, animal feed, and more.

While the user can to play Stardew Valley the same number of years as they wish, the number of days in the game in a given season is limited. This means that there is only a limited time when seasonal exclusive items are available to players, unless they want to wait for the same season next year.

The length of the season in the Stardew Valley

The four seasons in the Stardew Valley are spring, summer, fall and winter. Each of them lasts 28 days in the game.

Stardew Valley’s new game launches on the first day of spring. After going through a cycle of these four seasons, the game progresses to the year when spring begins again.

Each season has exclusive crops that are only available for purchase and cultivation during those 28 days. With each passing year, Pierre’s General Store (or JojaMart) also changes its seed stock. For example, cauliflower and potato seeds can only be purchased during the spring, while players can buy melon seeds during the summer.

This seasonal restriction on cultivation becomes less of a factor when a player unlocks a greenhouse where he can grow any crop regardless of the current season. The length of the 28-day season must take into account the minimum highs in the Stardew Valley, which must decide between Speed-Gro or fertilizer depending on the time of harvest of a particular crop with more harvest.

Seasons in Stardew Valley is changing daily schedules citizens to varying degrees. For example, Mayor Lewis and Linus have completely different daily routines during each season.

Life in the water also changes with each passing year, which means players can catch a variety of fish throughout the year. For example, tuna can be caught from the ocean in summer and winter, while anchovies can be caught from the ocean in spring and autumn.

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