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How many NBA All-Stars have missed the 2021 Playoffs because of injuries? We look at the top 5



Numerous unforeseen incidents can lead to NBA the team is practically finishing the season. At the top of the list are injuries, with NBA seeing that many stars got injured for their teams just when it was most important. Given that the NBA from the Covid era is taking place quite differently, with a congested schedule and minimal breaks, many players are sadly injured in the 2021 NBA playoffs.

2021 NBA Playoffs: 5 All Stars who missed games due to injuries

In addition to the All-Stars, a number of players not selected for the All-Star team this year have also seen their teams fail after missing the playoffs. That includes like Anthony Davis and Jamal Murray, whose teams were knocked out in the 1st round. Maybe they would have made it to the semifinals of the conference if they had played. Otherwise, like Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul will miss the upcoming playoff games for a variety of reasons. Regardless, the following article focuses on NBA stars who have already missed at least one game.

# 5 Joel Embiid

It’s no secret that Joel Embiid plays through a slight tear of the lateral meniscus of the right knee. Embiid’s Philadelphia 76ers blazed alongside the Washington Wizards in Round 1 1-1, and the big man also played pain against the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Joel Embiid from Philadelphia 76ers - Atlanta Hawks - third game
Joel Embiid from Philadelphia 76ers – Atlanta Hawks – third game

Coach Doc Rivers said after game 4 that Embiid will not be the best in the series, but “he will accept it”. Embiid recently participated in the Atlanta Hawks ’second win in the series in Game 4, and didn’t have the best of times. He was sent for a rating in the first half and missed a lot of shots, hitting only 20% off the field. Needless to say, the Atlanta Hawks would have had a lot more trouble had Joel Embiid been available for the 76ers.

# 4 Kyrie Irving

Irving played an ankle injury during Game 4 against the Milwaukee Bucks, and it is not known if he will return from the series. His absence may have been denied because James Harden returning from his dismissal in Game 5, which the Nets won after Durant produced his best performance in the 2021 playoffs.

Regardless, the Milwaukee Bucks have already fought 0-2 and certainly have the firepower to take the series all the way to the wire. Game 4 was the first game Kyrie missed in this year’s playoffs. He impressed in the first three matches as the Nets partly lost games 3 and 4 due to injury. Irving’s absence should have an impact on the Brooklyn Nets in the coming games as well.



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