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How The Reddit Community That Makes Fun Of The Duggars Came Together During Josh Duggar’s Child Sexual Abuse Imagery Trial




“I’m a part of every community, both online and in real life, it totally blows my mind how this is the best.”

Posted on December 9, 2021, at 2:39 pm ET









Washington County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

Former television personality in “19 Kids And Counting” Josh Duggar posted a photo after his arrest on 29 April 2021 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

No fangirling allowed in Duggars Snark subreddit. If you want to bubble over long hair or ankle denim bangs or all those babies, you’ll find a different angle altogether. This is a subreddit for srank and memes and cheap jokes.

But last week, when Josh Duggar went on to receive and possess materials on child sexual abuse, as many of the 120,000 “Snarkers” rules were slightly loosed.

“(This week) we released a lot of empathetic and compassionate messages talking about those sad or wanting to be there,” Reddit user nuggetsofchicken, a law enforcement student and director of r/DuggarsSnark, told BuzzFeed News.

With the 2008 premiere of the TLC reality show 17 Kids And Counting… (Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s parents made it up” 19 Kids before the series was abolished), there were many things to say about the Duggar family and their values: conservative Christians, fundamentalists. Fans and haters followed the daily stories, the court, and later revelations that Josh’s oldest son had harassed his sisters and another girl when he was a teenager. Other scandals have followed — a subreddit nicknamed Josh “Pest” — but this week, the pitfall has reached new levels. One member of the Federal Reserve Forum in Fayetteville, Arkansas, only reported on a few days’ reporting of what was taking place in court, where cameras — formerly located in the Duggars — were not allowed.

when you the accused was warned on Thursday, Sarah, who is often messages under user Dry_Shift_3496, could barely put her thoughts into words.

“Be careful…or whatever, you know, you say your opinion. We are sorry, I am so excited right now,” Sarah told BuzzFeed News. “I think it’s accurate. I think it’s appropriate. I think I’ve been a reflection of all of these things I’ve talked to about this community for the longest time.

Prosecutors said the materials Josh Duggar received and the possessions revealed to the children as young as 7 “violated” and “abused”. The images and descriptions of the events were presented graphically during the trial. But justice was more responsible for the members than he subreddit. For many of them represented the judgment of their own past and the healing which they provided after strict family values ​​and darkness.

Many members, including Sarah, originate from a fundamental Christian background and refer to themselves as “ex-fundie”. Others knew the Duggars personally, some had only a few degrees separated from them, and others grew up in a non-denominational Institute for Basic Life Principles, under whose teaching they had been trained at home, who became famous on long borders. The Duggar girls also insisted that there was no physical contact with the opposite sex before marriage. Bill Gothard founded the church but resigned in 2014 after he was alleged to have sexually harassed and harassed girls and women.

“I actually attended Bill Gothard’s seminar when I was 13 years old in Ohio, and it was awesome,” said Sara.

Another subreddit member, who goes by cheesehead2121 on the website, said he grew up “fundie-like”. His Church taught her that men were household members and women made children. She also said that she had endured a “strict culture of purity” and had to sign a contract with the Church to preserve her chastity before marrying her.

“[The subreddit] The treatment has ended and I have seen a lot of people have walked through similar situations or walked through love with people I know or have walked through,” cheesehead2121 told BuzzFeed News.

The church has left and now “cooks” with the aid of therapidis and subreddit, by which it signifies to inquire of all things, and once for granted it has taken undisciplined things.

“It is a shame to do a lot of my things that I now know are normal,” he said.

Subreddit member James Washington Duggars once met during a marriage recall that he now described as “horrible”. When the news of the trial was shared, some jokes, and some throwing jokes about the Duggars’ downfall, he thought about the boys who had been abused. The Arkansas Children’s Safety Center has donated $50, which provides and distributes a variety of services to children who abuse and torture. Others also began donating — including $19 donations in honor of 19 Duggar children — and the Washington Center said they received $5,000.

“I am a part of all the communities, both online and in real life, it totally blows my mind to see how this is the best,” wrote one commentator.


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