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How to catch a shiny Dwebble in Pokemon GO




In Pokemon GO, it can be difficult to distinguish a great Dwebble from a normal one. Players who want alternative color Pokemon are curious about how to catch it in a mobile game.

Dwebble is a double pocket monster of the Rock / Bug type that evolves into Crustle when fed with enough candy. Pokemon GO trainers will have a better chance than ever before to catch the great Dwebble on June 1 when Pokemon will be unveiled at the Spotlight Hour event.

This article will guide players on how to capture the dazzling Dwebble by taking full advantage of the upcoming event.

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Shiny Dwebble has greater chances to spawn during upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Great dweble hunters will have their biggest chance as early as June 1 from 6pm to 7pm local time. As a prominent Spotlight Hour Pokemon, Dwebble’s spawning rate will increase dramatically during the event.

More encounters with a pocket monster of the Bug / Rock type means a greater chance for coaches to come across their great shape. In Pokemon GO, it’s impossible to tell if a Pokemon is great until someone clicks on it and tries to catch it.

You must catch all the species you see if you want to be an excellent Dwebble hunter.  Plus, it’s a good idea to catch every Dwebble because a great version of this Pokemon is especially hard to spot.

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Normal and brilliant Dwebble evolution in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

In the image above, the normal evolutionary line of Dwebble is shown at the top, and the glossy shape at the bottom. It can be seen that only a slightly lighter shade is brighter than a regular Dwebble. When a Pokemon evolves into Crustle, the difference is even more pronounced.

Here are some additional tips for capturing shine during the next spotlight:

  • The coach will know if they have come across a great Dwebble if their screen flashes stars when trying to catch it.
  • Stock up on Pokeballs before the event.
  • Make room in the Pokemon inventory so that there is enough space for more Dwebbles.
  • Catch all types of Pokemon during a one-hour event, as each catch will reward a double XP.
  • Save the Pinapa berries for use after the event starts and use them on Dwebbles. This will collect more types of candies that can be used to evolve and launch Pokemon.

Pokemon GO players who want to add a great Dwebble to their collections, would like to make sure they highlight June 1 on their schedules.

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