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How to change the default browser in Windows 11




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Windows 11 It brings many new features and changes. After a brief beta test, Microsoft released the product on October 5th. Windows 11 is a bit of a polarizing update with some cool features and some not-so-welcome changes.

One of the biggest changes in Windows 11 is the way the operating system handles the default browser. Not only is Microsoft making Microsoft Edge their default browser, Microsoft is making the transition from Microsoft Edge more difficult than ever. The old one-click method of switching the default browser doesn’t work in Windows 11.

fast answer:

To change the default browser in Windows 11, go to the Default apps section of Windows Settings. You can then set it by clicking on installed browsers (eg Google Chrome) in your preferences and clicking on the default file/link types listed below one by one.

How to change the default browser in Windows 11

Here are the steps you need to follow to switch from Microsoft Edge on Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge Google Chrome Switch Notifications

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  • open Windows Settings. click app Click the tab in the left pane, then default app Click the tab. Alternatively, you can search for: default app In ~ window search And open it yourself.
  • Windows 11 app settings

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  • at App Search Enter the name of the browser you selected in the bar. You can also manually find your browser by scrolling down the list of applications. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use Google Chrome. When you find your browser in the list, click it.
  • Windows 11 Google Chrome Default Browser

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  • You should now see a list of file and link types that Chrome can open. If Microsoft Edge is set as your default browser, most types of files and links will default to Microsoft Edge here.
  • Windows 11 default browser file and link types

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  • Click the Reading tab. Microsoft Edge under .htm part. You will be prompted to verify Microsoft Edge before switching. click switch anyway button.
  • Windows 11 Microsoft Edge switch warning

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  • This will bring up a popup asking you to select your preferred browser for the file/link type. Click your preferred browser (in this case Google Chrome) and click Next. like.
  • Windows 11 default browser switch prompt

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  • repeat the same for .html, .pdf, shtml, .xhtml, and any other file types you want to associate with Google Chrome, especially those that show Microsoft Edge is the default.
  • Set Windows 11 Default Browser After Switching

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    That’s it. Microsoft is currently blocking a one-click workaround for this process, so this is the only way to switch from Microsoft Edge on Windows 11.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use Chrome on Windows 11?

    Yes, Windows 11 runs Google Chrome and you can use this method to set it as your default browser.

    How long does it take to switch web browsers in Windows 11?

    It’s not as quick and simple as the previous one-click switches, but this method takes less than 5 minutes.


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