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How to evolve Slowpoke in Pokemon GO (October 2021)



Slowpoke entered the Pokemon series with one lone evolution, but along with a colleague from the Galar region, it now has more than a few evolutions.

In Pokemon GO, evolving Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke require that certain conditions be met in all but one case (the evolution of Slowpoke in Slowbro). These requirements range from using evolutionary items to capturing specific Pokemon while using the Buddy System. Regardless, coaches will need to be committed not only to developing Slowpoke, but also to getting all of its shapes from the Kanto and Galar variants.

Pokemon GO: Evolving Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke

Slowpoke is diminishing in itself, but it possesses some impressive evolution (Image via Niantic)
Slowpoke is diminishing in itself, but it possesses some impressive evolution (Image via Niantic)

When developing the Kanto version of Slowpoke in Pokemon GO, things aren’t too hard to get started. The development of Slowpoke in Slowbro simply requires that 50 Slowpoke candies be brought into it. However, to get Slowking, players will also need to submit evolutionary item known as the Royal Rock. This item can rarely be found by turning Pokestops photo discs, similar to other evolutionary items such as the Sun Stones, Metal Cloaks, and Dragon Scales originally introduced in the Johmo Pokemon region.

For Galarian Slowpoke, evolution requires a much longer journey. To evolve into Galarian Slowbro, trainers will have to hang out with their Galarian Slowpoke and catch 30 poison-type Pokemon before feeding him 50 candies. This tactic is similar to the evolution into Galactic Slowing, which requires 30 psychic-type Pokemon while awake. The good news is that galalar evolutions do not require evolutionary items, but the argument can be made depending on the player’s environment that capturing 30 psychics of the clairvoyant or poisonous type may be a larger task. Unlike Pokestop, which are set up in one location, the spawning behavior of Psychic and Pokemon-type poisons changes depending on the location, some of which can be hard to find in some parts of the world for Pokemon GO trainers.

There is one final evolution for the standard Slowpoke, and that is its Mega Slowbro form. This form can be used to attack raid bosses, providing a significant increase in strength and resulting in an above-average fighter, despite being one of the weaker Mega Evolution. To evolve Mega Slowbro in Pokemon GO, trainers will need to collect the Mega energy that is usually collected after defeating a matching Pokemon as a raid boss. This means that Mega Slowbro Energy is likely to be scarce due to the rotation of raid bosses, so Pokemon GO players should be supplied as much as possible when they need it most.

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