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How to find Brilliant Pokemon in Sword and Shield




Brilliant Pokemon there are miraculous finds in Mac and Šćit. With better levels, unusual moves and increased statistics, these dazzling Pokemon are sought after for a good reason.

Just like a great Pokemon, trainers can good luck and accidentally find a Brilliant Pokemon. Like the great variants, there are several ways to increase the chances of finding the Brilliant variant of the type that the coach wants the most.

How to find a brilliant Pokemon in a sword and shield

Win, catch and repeat

More, more and more!  (Picture via GameWith)
More, more and more! (Picture via GameWith)

Increasing the chances of finding brilliant variants is the simplest thing that can happen. All the trainer has to do is go out and find the wild pokemon of the desired species and then defeat or catch it.

Until a trainer wins and / or catches at least 20 certain species, a Brilliant Pokemon of that species cannot appear. As more of this species is encountered, the chances of dazzling Pokemon increase at intervals.

Once a player scores 100 encounters, the spawning rate of these special creatures exceeds twice the normal speed.

This type of agriculture is also effective for meeting great Pokemon. One of the primary ways to increase your chances of encountering great Pokemon is to defeat and / or catch the desired Pokemon multiple times.

Chain fishing

Fishing (Pokemon photo)
Fishing (Pokemon photo)

Catching the brilliant Pokemon that inhabit the water seems similar to terrestrial, but to a lesser extent.

If you infiltrate and repeatedly win or hunt Pokemon from the same area, the player’s chances of brilliant encounters will increase, with the chances increasing at escalating intervals. Once a player wins 25 water battles, the match bonus is a maximum of 16.6 times the normal rate.

Fishing boasts higher encounter rates, but unlike the brilliant farming that inhabits the land, this fishing bonus is easily lost.

If he does not turn to Pokemon, the feeling of battle and leaving the area returns the player to the square for their fishing bonus. Meanwhile, the bonus for unguided Pokemon remains no matter where the player goes or how many savages they run away from.

Posted March 16, 2021, 4:35 AM IST