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How to find iron in Minecraft easily




Iron is one of the most useful ores in all countries Minecraft. Players have been using and searching for this white ore since the start of the game. Players can use iron for many things, including armor, weapons, anvils, iron giants, and more.

Iron is often found in the underworld. Iron spawns in veins 1 to 13. Iron ore can only be mined with a stone pick or above it, if a player tries to mine iron with a wooden pickaxe, nothing will fall. Unfortunately, the silk touch does not affect the iron and will not turn it into an iron piston. The only way players can use iron ore is to melt it in a furnace in iron ingots for further use.

Here are some of the easiest ways players can find iron in Minecraft.

Places to find iron in Minecraft


Iron ore inside the cave (Picture via
Iron ore inside the cave (Picture via

One of the easiest and perhaps most common ways players find iron in Minecraft is exploring caves. The caves are great for finding all kinds of ores because they expose a lot of rock to the players. It is an easily accessible resource because the player does not have to dig cobblestones to get to the ore.


Ores inside the ravine (Picture via mcpedl)
Ores inside the ravine (Picture via mcpedl)

The plains are similar to caves, except that ravines can choose between even more exposed ores. Ravens are large slices in the earth that expose iron, diamonds, water, lava, gold and various other ores. Most of the time a player doesn’t have to dig a lot of cobblestones to find a whole pile of iron ore.


Iron ore mining (image via Minecraft)
Iron ore mining (image via Minecraft)

Minecraft players are known for creating different types of mined strips in the Minecraft underground. The strips are usually just straight lines that players dig to find ore and collect cobblestones. From iron creates up to 20 times in each piece, the player is likely to find iron using this technique.

Similar to strip mining, diagonal mining is a method by which players dig a diagonal mine instead of a real mine. It has been proven that this technique finds more ore per minute than regular stripping.

Farms of iron golem

After players have searched caves and mines, they may be running out of natural iron. This is fine, as there are other more creative methods for obtaining iron from mining.

Players can run huge iron farms that not only supply the player with a sufficient amount of iron but also XP. To start farm of iron giants players will first need an iron golem, villagers and a few mobs.

Players should place the mob near the villagers, but make sure to keep them separate so that the mob cannot kill the villagers. This will cause the villagers to panic and spawn an iron giant. The iron giant should spawn away from the mob and villagers, pass through a water channel into a chamber that automatically kills the iron giant.

This farm of iron giants should produce enough XP and iron for the player to be satisfied for a long time. Follow the video above for further instructions.

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Posted April 28, 2021, 11:54 PM IST