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How to fix Fortnite error 20006 (Chapter 2 Season 8)




Fortnite players can come across a few bugs that are most common in online multiplayer games. One of the most common errors that occurs in Fortnite is ‘Error 20006’, which is an anti-cheat error. This bug can be fixed so that players can successfully run the game and enjoy all the content that awaits them Chapter 2, Season 8.

@EpicGames I can’t run fortnite because I get error code 20006 (startservice failed 2) there was no information on youtube or google.pls help

If this error occurs, players will not be able to start the game, and a prompt will appear on the screen displaying the following message: “I could not start the game. Error Code: 20006 (Unable to create service (StartService failed: 193))”.

Correct error 20006 in a few simple steps in Fortnite

This error occurs because the Easy Anti-Cheat service is installed with Fortnite or is broken, not running, or is out of date. Fortnite does not allow players to log in to the game without first running an anti-cheat service. This is the same for almost every major online multiplayer title.

Solution 1

The first and easiest way to counteract this error is to repair the anti-cheat service. Follow the following stairs:

  • Go to C >> Program Files >> Epic Games >> Fortnite
  • Find the file for the anti-cheat service inside. FortniteGame >> Binaries >> Win64 / 32 >> EasyAntiCheat
  • Find the Setup.exe file inside and run it as an administrator
  • Select Fortnite from the list of games in the app and select Repair
  • The message “Successfully installed” should appear
  • Restart Fortnite to confirm that the issue is resolved

Solution 2

Sometimes the driver gets corrupted and players won’t be able to start the game because the anti-cheat doesn’t work. In this scenario, the best thing you can do is rename the anti-cheat driver and let Fortnite take over the anti-cheat again when it restarts. Fortnite will find anti-cheat files that are missing and request a download, which players must accept to fix error 20006.

If these debugging methods fail, players can uninstall and reinstall the game to be safe and not lose any data in the game.



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