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How to get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon




Throughout the history of Pokemon, Hidden Abilities have been a wonderful way to improve Pokemon combat abilities.

The hidden abilities in Pokemon used to be based solely on the player’s luck. Pokemon in the wild will usually never have them. Presented in Generation V, hidden abilities were very rare.

In the latest generation VIII with Sword and shield, It is much easier to reach hidden abilities. They still do little, but it pays off for most Pokemon.

How to get hidden abilities in Pokemon

Max Raid Battles

Picture via Game Freak
Picture via Game Freak

Successfully completed Max Raid Battle in Pokemon sword and shield is a good way to get Pokemon hidden abilities. However, it is not guaranteed. Often Max Raid Battle will have Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokemon with their Hidden Abilities. The only way to find out is to defeat him, capture him and check if there is a Hidden Ability.

Breeding / trading

Picture via Game Freak
Picture via Game Freak

This method requires a Pokemon it already has its Hidden ability. Growing or trading is a good way to know what else comes with Hidden Ability, like good IV and EV. Trading simply requires obtaining Pokémon hidden abilities from a trading partner. Cultivation is a good way to transmit hidden abilities. If the parents are of the same type, it will not be transmitted.

Ability patch

Picture via Game Freak
Picture via Game Freak

The Crown Tundra DLC presented an amazing item. The ability patch can be used to change a Pokemon’s ability to its Hidden ability. Trading near the Dynamax Adventure entrance requires 200 Dynite Ore for each. This is one way that breeding / trading works well. Use the ability patch on the parent who will cultivate and transmit the hidden ability. Subject in Crown Tundri changed the game completely.

Posted March 17, 2021, 12:30 AM IST