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How to get the Fortnite Season 6 Victory Royale Umbrella 




Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has officially arrived and it is again the time of year when players around the world will look forward to grabbing the coveted Victory Royale Umbrella.

Although a lot could have changed since the first season Fortnite which arrived in 2017, the only thing that remained constant was the initially elusive search for the famous Victory Royale Umbrella.

The Fortnite season 6 Victory Royale umbrella was kindly revealed by a leak of several network data miners.

With a robust metal finish, here’s what the Victory Umbrella looks like Season 6:

Officially named “The Foundational Brella”, the Fortnite umbrella of season 6 for Fortnite is part of the “The Seven” set and is decorated with the colors of the ominous new leader called “The Foundation”.

As for the most important question of how to get to Fortnite Season 6 Victory Royale Umbrella, the answer is pretty simple: Win in any of the basic game modes: Solos, Duos or Squads.

The best ways to equip a Fortnite season 6 Victory Royale umbrella

Since the Foundation is expected to play a major role in the narrative of Fortnite Season 6, it is quite understandable that Epic Games decided to model the Umbrella of Victory on the sinister leader Seven.

The best way to get a Victory Royale Umbrella is to go into a game of Solos, Duo or Set and outsmart each opponent. This will guarantee that you will take home the desired Victory Royale.

It should be noted that an umbrella cannot be obtained through LTMs or Team Rumble. Once you achieve your first win, simply exit the match and a pop-up with an unlockable prize should mean that the seven-theme Victory Royale umbrella is officially yours.

When it comes to outwitting opponents, it would be good for players to develop a precise plan in terms of landing spot, as a rich ball in terms of quality prey often ends up determining the longevity of someone’s game.

Once that elusive first Victory Royale gets out of the way, players can surely favor their fortune as they storm Fortnite Island, armed with their new shiny new Fortnite Season 6 Victory Royale Umbrella.

Posted March 16, 2021, 6:11 PM IST