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How to get the Metal Coat item in Pokemon GO




Pokemon owners Scyther and Onix will definitely be looking for Metal Coat to evolve them.

Both in the main series and in Pokemon GO games, Metal Coat is needed to evolve Scyther Scizor and Onix and Steelix. However, trainers will not need to trade them to complete the evolution process in Pokemon GO.

The metal coat is typically one of the rarer items to be found, hidden deep in caves like Generation IV Iron Island or New Mawile in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

What are the chances of finding a metal coat in Pokemon GO?

The answer is that it is much harder to get a Metal Coat in Pokemon GO than in almost every other game where it is available. The only method at the time of getting the Metal Coat is luck by turning PokeStops, but this method has only 1% success.

People online have found that it usually takes about 250 turns before a coach finds a metal coat. While this may seem like a very tedious task, trainers who want to excel at Pokemon GO should run PokeStops on a daily basis.

The rewards that come from turning PokeStops over time add up, including Gain XP. Coaches who are already spinning every day hope to have a metal coat somewhere on the card of their items.

The search for a metal coat can be frustrating, but it’s worth the effort because both Scizor and Steelix can be useful in Pokemon GO. In Scizor’s case, it’s not the strongest option, but it can be a great Pokemon to throw on the defensive team in the gym.

Be a part of the Bug type and a part Steel type, Scizor is weak only on Fire. It also resists many common types such as Fairy and Psychic. He could also compete well in the Grand League because of his typing and larger numbers.

Steelix is ​​useful simply due to the fact that 272 is one of the highest defense statistics in the game. 148 Attack isn’t that impressive, but Steelix gets access to really nice charging moves. An earthquake always has guaranteed damage, and moves like Heavy Slam and Crunch offer nice coverage.