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How to go viral on Instagram Reels – 5 Ultimate Tips



Instagram’s new feature ‘Reels’ was introduced in mid-2020, and the Instagram community began to utilize it avidly. Reels were performing very well and Instagram’s ongoing efforts to market them were obvious. This caused creators to see it as an opportunity for organic development.

This new entertainment function can benefit every marketer and influencer, but only if used correctly. So, if you want to gain Instagram views and more Instagram likes, definitely use new features in Reels. Reels will also help your account get Instagram followers which will help with organic growth.

Instagram Reels enable people to consume material without leaving Instagram. This function was introduced to compete with TikTok. Instagram has changed its algorithm to provide more visibility to accounts that use Reels.  So, that’s just another incentive to give this feature a true shot.

Make good content for your niche:  

Finally, Instagram is a very visual platform: your material must be eye-catching and of excellent quality for people to stop scrolling. So, the greatest method to go viral on Instagram Reels is to create fantastic films that capture people’s attention and entice them to watch and share them.  

The niche in which your Reel fits will help influence who sees it, therefore the more mass appeal it has, the more probable it is to become viral.  Because Instagram’s algorithm is based on machine learning, it will show your posts to those who are already interested in the subject matter. This is why it is critical to pick a theme or specialty and stick to it!  

Remove watermarks:  

Instagram has verified that Reels that are recycled from other applications are not prioritized. To offer your films the best chance of success, we recommend that you remove any watermarks from the videos you want to publish. These might be watermarks from editing programs or other platforms where you’re creating videos.  

Many Instagram users make the mistake of posting TikTok watermark videos. Instagram’s algorithm can detect TikTok watermarks. Remove those watermarks to offer your films a better chance of ranking well.  If all else fails, you may use a watermark removal program to remove the TikTok watermark from your video. 

Use viral trends:  

The Instagram community adheres to certain trends. The amount of comparable reels released by well-known content developers demonstrates this. This type of structure will make sure that your reel is seen. This is because viewers are aware of the trend and will wait to see the entire reel. 

Every content subject has a niche on this social media platform, and to identify oneself as a member of this niche on the site, you must create recognizable material that audiences can watch and quickly link you with. 

Instagram’s community follows specific trends at any given time, as well-known artists push particular trends. Following such trends will cause your reels to have more visibility and gain Instagram views. You may incorporate popular components, like trending music or challenges, to increase the chances of your material becoming viral. 

Use hashtags:  

Hashtags are an essential component of each Instagram post. This is because they assist Instagram’s algorithm in determining the sort of material in your video. Utilizing certain hashtags can also help your reels gain Instagram views. 

Using terms like Instagram Featured in your hashtag might add credibility to your reel.  However, you should select the right sort of hashtags for the reels you are posting.

Examine what’s trending right now, where you fit into those categories, and how many interactions they’re receiving. If you receive around the same number of engagements on your Reel, you have a good chance of hitting the top post of the hashtags. 

Promote your reels:  

By advertising your reel on your story, you will increase views and reach all of your followers. Tagging someone may lead to them reviewing your work and then posting a story about it. This will allow you to reach all of their followers. When you finish a Reel, include it in your stories. This will help you gain Instagram followers on your profile.  

When sharing your Reel, be sure to use the “Also share to feed” checkbox. This will distribute the information to your followers via both your normal feed and the Reels feed.  


You have technology in your hands, and you can utilize it effectively for marketing today. You can build a fantastic, successful brand with the appropriate approach and content. Reels have emerged as the best and quickest technique to generate interaction and followers on your Instagram feed.  

As a result, keep your reels fresh and exciting while still being instructive in a short amount of time. It is critical not to abuse this medium by adding too much material or having no content at all, since it is simple to go both ways with this medium. Using these 5 tips, you can achieve growth on Instagram in an organic manner. They can also help you get a wider reach

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