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How to make tipped arrows in Minecraft 1.18



Minecraft provides players with remote weapons or weapons to fight for defense. Minecraft also allows players to add magic to their weapons, making them stronger and better.

One such improvement in their weapons storage would be the tip of the arrow. These special arrows, when used, inflict their target (player or mob) with a potion effect.

These arrows can be compared to Hawkey’s trick arrows that give players a leg while fight. Minecraft has a wide range of arrows with a tip, each of which has its own special color that can be used to identify them.

The duration of the effect permeated by the arrow is one eighth of the length of the strength time and the length of the effect of the corresponding beverage. When using an endless bow, the arrows with the tip still wear out.

Recipes that players can use to make arrowheads in Minecraft 1.18

Before making arrowheads with the tip in Minecraft, players will need to collect certain items to help them create arrows. Three things are needed for a proper arrow, and those are flint, sticks and feathers. By placing them vertically on the making table in the same order, players can prepare a plain arrow.

Use a lag potion for the tip of the arrow


Depending on which arrow needs to be prepared, players will need a permanent beverage bottle with that effect. A permanent potion can be made by adding Dragon’s Breath to a spray drink.

Once a long-lasting potion is prepared, all the player needs to do is put it on A drink in the center slot of the crafting table and surround it with eight regular arrows. So, one bottle of any lingerie drink gives eight arrows with a top.

How to put arrows and potion on the making table (Image via Minecraft)
How to put arrows and potion on the making table (Image via Minecraft)

Arrows with a tip include:

  • Regeneration arrow
  • Arrow of Swiftness
  • Fire resistance arrow
  • Healing arrow
  • Night vision arrow
  • Arrow of power
  • Arrow of Leaping
  • Lightning of invisibility
  • An arrow of poison
  • Lightning of weakness
  • Lightning of slowness
  • Lightning damage
  • Water breathing arrow
  • The turtle master’s arrow
  • Slow fall arrow

Using boilers for winding arrows

Players in the Minecraft Bedrock edition can use boilers to make arrows with a tip. This method does not require Dragon Breath, which is hard to come by in the game because it can only be collected at the end.

Using an arrow-making cauldron with a tip (Image via Minecraft)
Using an arrow-making cauldron with a tip (Image via Minecraft)

If it is boiler one third is full, 16 arrows can be tilted. If it is two thirds full, up to 32 arrows can be fired. When the boiler is full, 64 arrows can be fired. This is a more efficient way to prepare an arrow with a tip compared to the long-term drink method.

These arrows can be useful not only to harm other players or mobsters, but players can shoot themselves with one of them and get the effect of a drink.