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How to pre-order Free Fire Season 44 to get an exclusive reward




The Free Fire Elite Pass is the most affordable and cost-effective option for players to get unique cosmetics. It usually contains costumes, vehicle skins, surfboards and other items. They are introduced at the beginning of each month and stimulate gamers’ interest in cosmetics.

Season 43 of the Elite Pass will end in December. Players are looking forward to the items that developers will include in Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44, which will be added soon. Pre-orders for the Elite Bundle have been announced, providing an exclusive prize for the same.

Immerse yourself in the details of the Free Fire Elite Pass season 44

Topic and start date

Free Fire Elite Pass season 44 will be available from January 1, 2022. The upcoming pass is based on the Planet Rogue theme.


Robotic surfboard (Picture via Free Fire)
Robotic surfboard (Picture via Free Fire)

Pre-order for the Elite Bundle began on December 29, 2021 and will be available for the next three days.

Players must spend 999 diamonds for pre-orders, which will provide users with all the benefits of the Elite Bundle, including 50 additional badges. In addition, players will receive a unique Robotic Ship surfboard as a reward.

If players miss the pre-order, they will be able to buy premium versions early next month. The Elite Pass will cost them 499 diamonds, while the Elite Bundle will need 999 diamonds.

So it makes sense to pre-order for users who want to buy the Elite Bundle because of the exclusive surfboard prize. Here are the steps to pre-order the Elite Bundle:

Step 1: Users should open the Elite Pass section of Free Fire.

Touch the icon next to the upgrade button (image via Free Fire)
Touch the icon next to the upgrade button (image via Free Fire)

Step 2: Next, players click on the icon next to the upgrade button. A dialog box will appear asking users to pre-purchase the Elite Pass.

Click on the button (Picture via Free Fire)
Click the button (Picture via Free Fire)

Step 3: You should click on the 999 diamond button. Players should confirm their purchase to pre-order a pass.

After pre-registration, players will receive a special surfboard. They will also receive 50 badges and a subsequent Celestial Cosmopuff as a reward when the pass is released.