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How to Protect Yourself When Using Online Dating Apps?



Online dating apps have become extremely popular among young people around the globe. They offer free and premium accounts packed with fun options like live cam chat.

The downside of online dating sites and apps is that con artists create fake female profiles to extract money from naïve older men.

9 Online Dating Safety Tips That Really Work

Although site admins have introduced tighter identity verification procedures, one still needs to take security measures when using such software.

1. Learn to identify fake profiles

Passing Tinder’s ID verification procedure is a piece of cake for experienced con artists. They use female accomplices to verify profile pics and ID info.

They even have their female friends record specific phrases, which they then send as voice messages to their targets.

How to identify a fake profile on a dating site?

Watch out for pics that look unnatural and embellished. If you notice such, use Google Images to check them online.

Ask for specific information that you can verify later. If your match starts beating about the bush, this may mean you’ve caught them off their guard.

Turn on chat history and go over past bits of information to see if they will confirm it. If they can’t provide consistent answers, they’ve fallen into their own web of lies.

2. Don’t share too much on your profile

Overpopulating their profiles with information is a common mistake dating app users make. It makes the profile’s owner sound needy and insecure.

Worse still, con artists can extract this information and use it on their fake profiles. The best thing to do is share only necessary personal data that does not expose or discredit you in any way.

3. Crosscheck the info you receive from other users

Even if you make online friends on dating apps without any romantic interest or involvement, you should stay alert and inquisitive.

Liars lurk around the corner

Develop the habit to crosscheck the information, and you may be surprised how many white lies dating site users exchange.

There also are pathological compulsive liars who use adult dating sites to give vent to their imaginations undisturbed by social norms and prejudices.

The chance to recognize both social types increases dramatically if you could only try to verify the info you receive on the site or app.

4. Check your future date

Conducting a background check on your future date is highly recommended before taking your relationship into real life.

Tinder & Garbo want to make online dating safer

The world’s most popular adult dating app, Tinder, recently integrated Garbo’s people checking service into its Safety Center.

If you have been following the three tips above, even a simple Google search with your Tinder mate’s details will show you enough background info to make up your mind.

For more sophisticated and detailed reports, open premium accounts on trusted people screening services like Instant Checkmate or

5. Don’t be afraid to sever communication with toxic users

Some dating app users have interpersonal barriers to communication. This might manifest in complaining or moralizing and advising other users on everything you can imagine.

They may be a bit obsessive but seldom get reported because they aren’t impolite or aggressive. For the sake of your sanity, do not hesitate to close such toxic communication channels for good.

6. Revisit dating sites’ safety blogs

All dating apps have safety centers where you can find lots of tips and guides. Do not turn a blind eye to these valuable resources.

Some articles are expertly written by psychologists to help you communicate effectively and maximize your positive experience on the app.

7. Stay natural on your first date

Taking a virtual relationship into real life is a huge step. If you are overexcited about your first date, you can ruin everything before it has started.

The key is to stay as natural as possible. Let your first face-to-face meeting be an effortless continuation of your online discussions.

Virtual panic button

If your interlocutor feels uneasy with these topics, this might mean they have been hiding behind a false identity.

In such a case, activate your date evacuation plan and leave the scene quickly but politely. Unfortunately, Tinder’s virtual Red Button is only available to US users.

8. Keep your dating app up to date

Few dating app users realize the importance of keeping the software updated and how it relates to their safety.

The connection is obvious: an updated app is less vulnerable to cyberattacks that can lead to identity theft. Hackers also target outdated apps for their coordinated ransomware attacks.

9. Run reverse background checks

Tinder recently launched a desktop website, which means that all profiles from the app can now surface in Google searches.

For your online safety, you should regularly Google your name and date of birth to see what information appears on the web.

For more refined results, use the reverse checking service of a reputed background checking site. If you spot any disturbing information, ask Google to have it removed and adjust your dating app’s privacy settings.        


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