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How to stop T-Mobile and Metro from selling your info to advertisers



How to stop T-Mobile and Metro from selling your info to advertisers


Not long ago, T-Mobile announced that it would start selling customer data to third-party advertisers. Well, as much as “announcement”Immerse yourself in the revised terms of service And I told people that if they didn’t like them, they had to opt out manually. “It’s not the cash money of “not the carrier”. It is all about money.

T-Mobile says that data passed to third parties will be anonymized, or at least will not be linked to your name, account number and other specific data. However, when combined with a variety of information available from other sources, it is not so difficult for advertisers to build fairly unique profiles of information about individual users.

This data collection is suitable for the industry. Almost every big tech company does it to some extent. T-Mobile is at least giving its customers a way to opt out. Here’s how:

A thing to do

First, log in to your T-Mobile account. In a web browser. Technically it should be possible on mobile, but if you have a desktop or laptop, the following steps can be a lot easier.

Next, you will be taken to this page on the T-Mobile website.. It’s hard to find on the main site, so just use the link to go straight. Scroll down the page a bit and go to the section marked “Do not sell my personal information.”

With a round ball on the right, turn this switch on. Then click the “Done” button below.

this should Apply opt-out terms to your personal account and all connected phones.

What about other T-Mo operators?

subway and Warranty wireless, T-Mobile’s subsidiaries have similar pages. Scroll to the bottom of the site and click “Do not sell my personal information” to access it.

Double check

We passed this process without any problems. However, some Android police readers have said that the pages of this service are not particularly stable and that clicking the “Done” button can crash. To check again and see if it’s active, refresh the page and make sure the toggle is still set to the right. If not, log out of your T-Mobile account, log in again, and try again.

Can you do it again?

If, for any reason, you want to re-opt for T-Mobile’s private data sharing, simply repeat the process again and turn the toggle in the opposite direction. T-Mobile will begin selling personal information to advertising partners on April 26, 2021. According to the announcement, users should be able to change this setting after that date and keep all the data collected even after the sale has been converted.


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