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How to unlock all safehouses in GTA San Andreas




GTA San Andreas players will unlock more safe houses as they progress through the story.

Safe houses are a useful feature in the series. This allows players to store in very specific locations. They will find this very convenient for certain missions. For example, Jefferson Safehouse is near the Inside Track for betting on horses. The game has 37 rescue points, which is a series record.

GTA San Andreas players cannot immediately unlock these safe houses. Some of them can be accessed only after a certain moment. Players must first progress through story missions. Some of them can be purchased while others are donated for free.

How GTA San Andreas players can unlock all safe houses

The purchase of all these properties will cost $ 879,000. GTA San Andreas players will not know the real power until they unlock all the safe houses.

Safe houses in Los Santos

Los Santos is the first starting point in GTA San Andreas. Players will have to go through a tutorial mission initially. All of these safe houses will be available immediately:

  • El Corona Safehouse ($ 10,000)
  • Jefferson Safehouse ($ 10,000)
  • Johnson House (free)
  • Madd Dogg’s Crib (free)
  • Mulholland Safehouse ($ 120,000)
  • Santa Maria Beach Safehouse ($ 30,000)
  • Verona Beach Safehouse ($ 10,000)
  • Willowfield Safehouse ($ 10,000)

Madd Dogg’s Crib is available at the end of the game. It will be unlocked after A Home in the Hills. In this regard, Mulholland Safehouse is a better alternative. The other is problematic because of its own save errors in points.

Safe houses in the countryside

The green sword is a great turning point at GTA San Andreas. Most rural safe houses will then be unlocked:

  • Angel Pine Safehouse ($ 20,000)
  • Angel Pine Save Point (free)
  • Blueberry Safehouse ($ 10,000)
  • Catalina’s Hideout (free)
  • Dillimore Safehouse ($ 40,000)
  • Flint County Chief ($ 100,000)
  • Palomino Creek Safehouse ($ 35,000)

Catalina’s hideout is available after the King in Exile mission.

Safe houses in San Fierro

GTA San Andreas players can visit San Fierro after The Green Saber. However, safe houses are locked up Are you going to San Fierro?

  • Calton Heights Safehouse ($ 100,000)
  • Chinatown Safehouse ($ 20,000)
  • Doherty Garage (free)
  • Doherty Safehouse ($ 20,000)
  • Hashbury Safehouse ($ 40,000)
  • Paradiso Safehouse ($ 20,000)

There is also one hotel apartment in San Fierro:

  • Vank Hoff in the Park Hotel suite ($ 50,000)

Other hotel suites are in Las Venturas.

Safe houses in the desert

To unlock the desert safe houses, players must complete the Yay Ka-Boom-Boom mission. Most of them are given away for free from there. Here are the desert safe houses in GTA San Andreas:

  • Abandoned AC tower (free)
  • El Quebrados Safehouse ($ 20,000)
  • Fort Carson Safehouse ($ 30,000)
  • Mike Torren Ranch (free)
  • Tierra Robada Safehouse ($ 20,000)

Eventually, Mike Toreno will make the players learn to fly. This will unlock the final area of ​​the game.

Safe houses in Las Venturas

The last safety houses will be unlocked after learning to fly. They are as follows:

  • Creek Safehouse ($ 10,000)
  • Casino Four Dragons (free)
  • Prickle Pine Safehouse ($ 50,000)
  • Redsands West Safehouse ($ 30,000)
  • Rockshore West Safehouse ($ 20,000)
  • Whitewood Estates Safehouse ($ 30,000)

There are also three hotel suites in GTA San Andreas:

  • Hotel apartment Camel’s Toe ($ 6,000)
  • The Clown’s Pocket Hotel Suite ($ 6,000)
  • Old Venturas Strip Hotel Suite ($ 6,000)
  • Hotel apartment Pirates in men’s pants ($ 6,000)

Unlike hotel suites in San Fierro, these are significantly cheaper.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.

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