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How to use Genshin Impact Wish Simulator for character and weapon banners (October 2021)




Genshin Impact Wish Simulators can provide free wishes to players to try their luck and invite them as many times as they want to any banner. These simulators cost nothing and can save Primogema when players really want to experience a wish but don’t want to spend any of their hard-earned gems.

Wish simulators are pretty easy to get, and even easier to use, and choosing the best one really comes down to choosing the one you like best. The Genshin Impact Wish Simulator can be used as follows.

Genshin Impact: How to use the wish simulator

Genshin Impact Wish Simulators come in a multitude of different shapes, and fans can choose from a variety of sites.

One of the most popular choices is the Wish Simulator by Uzair Ashraf, which offers easy wishes, history counting and the ability to call from a banner since the original Venti banner. As a bonus, this wish simulator is constantly updated, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a wish simulator.

Here’s how to use it:

1) Open the Uzair Ashraf wish simulator

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Genshin Impact Wish Simulator (Image by Uzair Ashraf)

First, fans will have to go to the website. Once there, they have several options to wish for, as Noelle Banner, Banner Weapon Banner, Current Wish Event Character and Standard Flag are also available. You can choose which banner you want by clicking on their images at the top, just like in your own Genshin Impact.

2) Select the banner you want on

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Genshin Impact Wish Simulator Options (Image by Uzair Ashraf)

You can select banners by selecting a settings option that will display a list of banners that go all the way back to Genshin Impact launch. Players who have missed certain banners or just want to try their luck at getting an old character or weapon will definitely appreciate this option. You can also use this for a flag with a weapon, so getting that Home or Mistplitter staff can still happen, at least on the Simulator.

3) Start with desire

” alt=”Genshin Impact Wish Simulator Process Desire (Image via Uzair Ashraf)” width=”800″ height=”398″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”” />
Genshin Impact Wish Simulator Process Desire (Image via Uzair Ashraf)

The wish on the Simulator works in the same way as the wish in the actual game, because you only need to choose whether you want to make one or ten moves. After that, just sit back and watch the stars drop as you get yours new character or weapons.

4) Check the wish history

” alt=”Genshin Impact Wish Simulator History (Picture via Uzair Ashraf)” width=”800″ height=”373″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”” />
Genshin Impact Wish Simulator History (Image via Uzair Ashraf)

You can easily check the history of your wishes by clicking on the inventory button at the bottom of the page. This will list all your fulfilled wishes, along with an estimate of how much money you have practically spent.

I used a wish simulator to scratch the itch and it took me so many wishes to get a thinner

Genshin Impact Wish simulators can provide a lot of fun and an easy way not to spend unnecessary Primogems.

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