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How to use the replace item command in Minecraft Bedrock Edition




As the name implies, the command replaces the item in Minecraft it can be used to replace one item with another, although the limitations of this command are quite loose, allowing players to replace many items in an environment outside of their inventory.

This particular Minecraft command is more useful than one might think at first glance. Players can replace their equipped armor and weapons, replace items in chests, replace items on the toolbar, and even replace the blocks on the model of their character or on different entities such as peasants or mafias. Specifically in the Minecraft Bedrock edition, this command has a slightly different syntax compared to the way it would be entered in the Java edition.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Enter and use the command to replace the item

The item replacement command can even rename items that have been replaced (Image via Mojang)
The item replacement command can even rename items that have been replaced (Image via Mojang)

Because Minecraft Bedrock Edition running on a different platform than its Java-based counterpart, a different command syntax is often required when executing any form of in-game chat console commands. The command syntax replaces the item and additional command information for Bedrock Edition you can find below:

  • The default command syntax for current versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition is “/ replaceitem block slot.container [amount] [data] [components]”without quotes. This will replace the block with another item.
  • Players wishing to replace an entity’s retained item with another item will use the “/ replaceitem entity” command syntax [amount] [data] [components]“Once again without a quote.
  • Position indicates the x / y / z coordinates of the block or entity whose item was replaced.
  • Target denotes a player or goal setter (such as @a for all players) whose item will be replaced in a similar way as the position argument works for blocks.
  • The slot type determines which slot will replace the item. As an example, Minecraft players can use the “slot.chest” type to replace items in the storage box.
  • The slot ID decides which slot number will replace the item. For example, using the number 1-53 will determine which slot number the item will be replaced in the box.
  • The item name is the specified item name in Minecraft that will be used as a replacement item. For example, “” would replace an existing item with an apple.
  • Quantity is an optional argument, which allows players to put multiple items from a stack into a single slot.
  • Data is another optional argument that can set a particular variant of an item as a replacement instead of its default value. For example, Minecraft players can use a data value of 22 to use a variant of an arrow that is enchanted by instant healing, while using a value of 18 instead would cause Slowness. Both items are arrows, but their data values ​​differ in their variance.
  • Components are an optional .json argument that is unlikely to be used in most command cases. This can be used to change the properties of an item from their default values ​​if desired.

There are a number of different commands that can be made with item replacement in Minecraft. Players should find some commands that are useful for them and keep them written down for easy access.

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