Yesterday we were the first Huawei P50 Pro. Here’s a P50, sans Pro modifier with a very similar set of leaks. According to the image, perhaps this cheaper variant has a slightly thicker screen bezel that breaks through the curved screen panel. A unique massive camera module with two bulbous lenses remains in place.

A pretty big start in style On P40, A single central front camera and a larger 6.3-inch screen. Onleaks didn’t have any internal specs to use with the photos. Post to VoiceBut based on last year’s P40 series’ lower tier model, we’re looking inside the flagship with at least 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage. The leak says it’s using a fingerprint reader under the display for security and is about the same thickness as the P50 Pro (8.3mm body, 10.6mm with camera bump).

The post is by Huawei Sony IMX800, A huge 1-inch camera sensor that wasn’t confirmed at the time of writing. Using such a large camera module will certainly make sense, and it will be a rival to Samsung and Apple. Of course, actually get your hands on a high-end Huawei phone outside of China. Can be tricky.

Onleaks has proven to be very reliable in the past, but like all leaks, consider this information to be unconfirmed.