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“I couldn’t lace his boots as a footballer” – Jamie Carragher on Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk




Jamie Carragher garnered praise Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk, claiming that he was not nearly as good as the Dutchman.

In a recent episode Robbie Fowler Podcast, The 43-year-old was asked what it would be like if Virgil van Dijk’s partner were in defense and whether he would still be a more dominant defender than the two of them.

The former Liverpool captain said:

“Yes, definitely, Rob, that’s my personality [being a vocal leader out on the pitch]. It’s just me as a person, so the way I speak on the football field is the way I speak now in the television studio. The way I spoke when I first played football. I know I am a great character and a great person. It’s not acting, it’s just me.

He added:

“Whichever team I join, I would be the dominant player with my voice. Whichever team I play in, I’ve always told people what to do. So if I played with Virgil van Dijk now, I wouldn’t be able to tie his boots as a footballer, but I would still tell him where to go on the football field, because that’s me. “

Jamie Carragher has made over 730 appearances for Liverpool in his 17-year career. The Englishman was part of UEFA’s Reds Champions League in 2005 and went down in history as one of their greatest players ever.

Liverpool have been sorely missed by Virgil van Dijk this season

Virgil van Dijk is out of season due to a knee injury
Virgil van Dijk is out of season due to a knee injury

The failure of Liverpool’s title defense this season is based on the fact that the club was ravaged by injuries after the dominant start of the campaign.

Virgil van Dijk suffered a knee injury against Everton in October last year and has been ruled out for the season ever since. It was later revealed that the defender suffered a tear of the cruciate ligaments.

The absence of the central defender from the Liverpool defense had a bad effect on the team, as the Reds have been in gloomy form since the turn of the year.

Jurgen Klopp’s men are in the fight for a place in the top four this season, as they currently rank 6th in the Premier League table.

If Liverpool finish in the top four this season, they can’t afford to slip by the end of the campaign.

Posted March 18, 2021, 5:40 AM IST