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“I don’t recognise them when I see their social media posts” – Gary Neville claims Manchester United players are losing their character to ‘PR messaging, scripted words and corporate-speak’




Gary Neville laughed Manchester United team for their ‘inauthentic’, ‘disinfected’ and ‘vanilla’ posts on social media. Neville had previously attacked the Red Devils list because he hired PR executives to manage their social media accounts.

He writes in his weekly column for The Times, Neville said:

“There are characters in the Manchester United locker room that I admire not only for their footballing abilities, but also for their human qualities. Vulnerability, resilience, sense of humor and everything that makes them different. I don’t recognize them at all when I see some of their posts on social “I see vanilla, disinfected messages. I read apologies that don’t come honestly to me or any United fan.”

He continued:

“I see half the locker room posting almost identical tweets as if reading from a script. And not just at United. Some of these tweets and posts are diversionary tactics. You feel manipulated reading them and this is meant to be football, not some [Vladimir] Putin’s conspiracy to control narration. Success at United or any top team requires character. I want to see that character, but he gets lost in PR messages, scripted words and corporate speech. “

Several Manchester United players have issued public apologies after the team’s painful defeats against Liverpool and Manchester City.

Roy Keane: 🗣️ “He thinks he’s imprisoning critics. But I think that’s a shame. He’s been a shame for the last few months for Man Utd. He thinks if he scores a goal, he’ll silence his critics. It’s a shame.”

Captain Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw, Bruno Fernandes, and Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that their performances have not been good enough on social media in recent weeks. However, they said Manchester United would fight back to make things better.

Gary Neville feels that the Manchester United media team is creating robots on and off the field

Gary Neville is angry at the Manchester United player’s strategy on social media after seeing a podcast of Phil Lynch, media executive at Old Trafford.

The clip shows how each player has a different story on social media. While the individual is focused on the family, the other may have a complete focus on the field with attention to the team or personal performance. Furthermore, the footage revealed how the media team helps players build their stories online.

Neville, however, was not impressed and said United was creating robots on and off the field. Here is what he said:

“Creating robots on and off the field! Get away from them [the players]. It’s a football club. He makes controlling the fans sounds like he’s trying to win the general election! “

Roy Keane has also criticized players, including Manchester United, for their half-hearted apologies on social media.