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“I don’t want to take too much credit”- Top AEW star reveals if he inspired Edge and CM Punk’s return




CM Punk‘s debut at AEW and EdgeHis return to action in the ring at the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble are the two greatest pro-wrestling returns of all time. Bryan Danielson believes the two of them invested the job and that they are responsible for their return.

In addition to Edge and CM Punk, Christian Cage also returned to the square circle full-time as he jumped by boat to AEW. Bryan Danielson made an unlikely return after getting permission to wrestle again after being out for 4 years.

Asked by TV Insider if he thought he was the catalyst for the return of Edge, CM Punk and Christian Cage, American Dragon said the following:

“I do not want to attribute too much credit. The boys have to work hard. One of the things that enabled my return and others is the emergence of better technology and advances in healthcare. (…) I think so. it comes down to the belief that you can do it. It’s hard to be seven years away from wrestling. I wondered if I could keep up with AEW. I’ve been wrestling for the last few years and watching AEW. The things they do are crazy. To try to keep up, you have to have the belief that you can do it, ”Bryan Danielson said

Bryan Danielson and CM Punk are undefeated at AEW

Paul Wight and CM Punk are undefeated #AEW. #AEWAllOut

Bryan Danielson and CM Punk were treated as top stars at AEW. The pair of former WWE champions have yet to lose a single match in their new home.

While CM Punk deviated a bit from the pace after a 7-year hiatus, he managed to achieve big wins against Darby Allin and Eddie Kingston. Bryan Danielson, on the other hand, looks unstoppable. AEW has allowed him to show off his heel as an American dragon and fans can no longer be thrilled.

Danielson will face Hangman for the AEW World Championships in two weeks at Winter is Coming. CM Punk will have a showdown against the MJF sometime in the future. Both matches will probably be instant classics.

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