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“I hope Bronny dies in a car wreck” – Alleged eyewitness claims LeBron James’ heckler made distasteful comments about his son, Bronny James



Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James found himself in another strange incident Thursday night after working with officials during a game at the Indiana Pacers to demand the removal of two fans on the field. Another person claims to have been sitting nearby and heard what the couple said, and that person described the situation on YouTube in detail.

After talking to officials during a break in the game during overtime, NBA referees called security, and a couple of spectators were kicked out.

Asked about the situation at the press conference after the match, LeBron James declined to give details about what happened that caused the removal. Nothing was thrown on the field, so many speculated whether the comment addressed to James, who looked frustrated, caused the expulsion.

LeBron dissatisfied with some Indiana fan base

In today’s report from the Instagram account of the NBA Buzz, one fan shared what he believes was said. Allegedly, fans sitting next to the pitch made distasteful comments about LeBron’s son, Bronny James, according to Jonathan Davenport, who claimed he was close to the situation and heard what was said on YouTube.

“I was there … there were more of the two of them, but they were the loudest. The girl said ‘I hope Bronny dies in a car accident.’

Davenport said the couple had been warned several times by Indiana Pacers staff to “cool off”, but the warnings did not stop fans from continuing to tease James. The fans were eventually removed, and one made a mockingly “crying” face as she left the field.

Viewers reportedly cross the line with comments towards LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers striker LeBron James was vocal about a couple of fans on the field
Los Angeles Lakers striker LeBron James was vocal about a couple of fans on the field

The report on what was allegedly said will disappoint the fans, because it is not surprising why LeBron James asked for the viewers to be removed. There is always a fine line when it comes to fans expressing their opinions at matches. The NBA pays enough attention that unacceptable behavior can be a reason for expulsion.

The Lakers rallied from a 12-point deficit and won 124-116. James, who missed 10 games this season due to injuries (and another due to suspension), finished with a record 39 points, five rebounds and six assists.

James knocked out of Detroit win 121-116 after bleeding center Pistions Isaiah Stewart‘s face as the two of them battled for a position in the jump on Sunday. The NBA suspended James for one game, the first suspension of his 19-season career, and Stewart two games for the incident. James missed Tuesday’s 106-100 national television defeat by the New York Knicks.

Bronny James, 17, is James ’oldest child. He is a junior and one of the nation’s best basketball players at Sierra Canyon High School in California.

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