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I Ranked 13 Sitcom Dudes By How Mediocre They Secretly Are



But Who Really Reigns One True Mediocre Sitcom Man? I consider myself moderately proud, I feel uniquely qualified to judge these poetic notes based on their middle-of-the-road. First, two precepts of the earth;

It is clear that the average term is broad, and an accurate definition can be changed from person to person. In this list, then, I estimate the meanness of my talents rather than the notable ones. It’s not necessarily a villain, rather it is that they have a powerful mix of average ability and free-entitlement, which make them annoying or just plain hurtful to everyone around them. Some of them will be mediocre in work, others will be mediocre in the love of life or as parents. And he will prove that true virtues are wanting in all the mediocre ones in all areas of life.

2. Sitcom characters only. While there’s no shortage of low numbers on TV, it’s a place where people aren’t supposed to be seen so often. So he apologizes to anyone who was hoping to see Will Schuester, Pete Campbell, and Rory Gilmore all boyfriends except Jess.

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