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“I thought it was pretty cool” – Stephen Thompson reacts to former welterweight champion’s callout in the nicest way possible




Stephen Thompson has recently been the target Colby Covingtonis a popular conversation about garbage. However, Wonderboy, being as dear as he was, didn’t take things too seriously and felt it was okay for the top light heavyweight candidate to utter his name.

During the interview with Submission Radio, Stephen Thompson claimed he was glad Covington called him out and couldn’t laugh at the “funny” additional description.

“I thought it was great because not a lot of people would say my name, really at the top. Not a lot of people talked about me and I’m glad someone did it, which was Colby. And I couldn’t help but be a little I laugh because he’s funny at it, it breaks me, man, the way he said, ‘You know, he’s 40 and he introduces himself as a boy, I guess anyone can recognize anything any day.’ I don’t know how I that made me laugh, brother. “

Stephen Thompson led the campaign to fight for the title against Kamara Usman. However, the first UFC the light heavyweight candidate has already expressed an interest in fighting Covington as well.

Thompson claimed he wouldn’t mind testing his skills on the field against Colby. But Chaos was only interested in a title fight against Usman or a showdown in the Octagon against his rival Jorge Masvidal.

Unfortunately for Covington, the UFC instead decided to book Usman against Masvidal II for UFC 261 pay-per-view, which promises a big fight at major events.

What’s next for Stephen Thompson in the welterweight division?

Despite the confirmation that Kamara Usman opposed Jorge Masvidal in the return match, the other top fighters from the welter division could easily oppose each other.

While Stephen Thompson feels he deserves a kick in the UFC welterweight title, the fight against # 3 ranked Leon Edwards shouldn’t be written off either.

For months, Wonderboy called out Edwards. And after the controversial conclusion of the British fighter’s return to the Octagon against Belal Muhammad, the UFC could easily consider a fight between Thompson and Edwards.

Posted March 17, 2021, 5:08 PM IST