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“I will not go down until I have nothing left” – Thunder Rosa sends a message to Dr. Britt Baker ahead of AEW Dynamite [Exclusive]




Thunder Rosa i Britt Baker, DMD they should be the first women at the main event AEW Dynamite on Wednesday night. The two stars will clash in an unauthorized Lights Out Match, and in a pre-fight interview, Rosa sent a fierce message to Baker.

Thunder Rosa is a former NWA world champion and arrived at AEW last summer. Meanwhile, Baker calls herself the trademark of AEW’s women’s division and was the first women wrestler the company signed.

Lee Walker of Sportskeede Wrestling interviewed Thunder Rosa ahead of her match against Baker. Rosa addressed her quarrel with a resident dentist at AEW. She claimed Baker was simply defending her territory.

“Anything that has to do with her, and I’m in the spotlight, has to do with her. So I had a match with Serena Deeb and I didn’t win, so of course she noticed it was a great opportunity to put herself in the spotlight. “She’s mentioned it many times, she believes I don’t belong to the women’s department of the AEW. She believes she’s actually the face of the women’s department.”

“I call her the Princess of AEW, and when you see another dog come into your yard, you have to defend him. That’s what she does, she defends her lawn, but I don’t think she’s ever confronted anyone like me, I” until nothing is left in my tank. “

Rosa and Baker clashed several times during their rivalry. Last week at AEW Dynamite, Rosa, Hikaru Shida and Ryo Mizunami defeated Baker, Nylu Rose and Maki Itoh. Prior to that, Baker and Itoh defeated Rosa and Riha at the AEW Revolution.

Thunder Rosa on the Rebbe may be interfering during the main AEW Dynamite event

Britt Baker at AEW
Britt Baker at AEW

In the same interview, Lee Walker asked Thunder Rosa if she was worried that Reba might get in the way during her match with Baker. The former NWA star said she is curious what Baker and Reba planned, but is not afraid.

“It’s not that I’m worried, I’m trying to figure out what antics he’s going to try to use against me. Britt has shown that she can’t beat me on her own, and I’m curious, it’s more curiosity than fear. Like I said, you’re getting to know your opponent, it’s been almost five months and I know Britt very well. “

Nonetheless, Rosa’s match with Baker will be a must-see major event for AEW fans on Wednesday night.

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Posted March 17, 2021, 11:42 PM IST