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ICC releases pitch ratings for India-England series, 2-day Test track rated ‘average’




International Cricket Council (ICC) published ratings for terrains used in the recently concluded A series of tests for India and England. The track for the pink ball test held in Ahmedabad received an “average” rating by the ICC, avoiding sanctions, after the game was completed within two days.

The pitch in the first test in Chennai, which England beat in the main course, was rated “very good”, while the Ahmedabad Cup for the fourth test was marked as “good”. The track in Chennai that favored spin also received a rating of ‘average’ ICC.

Almost every resin used in the 4-Test series has been the subject of intense debate. Some English experts called the one from the second test “a” ‘lottery’ and ‘shame’. In response, Indian experts asked for a retrospective of critics, pointing to the green peaks that are usually found in England.

What would have happened if the ICC had rated the terrain as ‘bad’?

The ICC receives a grade on the performance of the pitch and the pitch after each international cricket match. They are marked by the ICC referee who is on duty after the end of the game. The six possible ratings are: very good, good, average, below average, bad and inappropriate.

Under ICC law, if the terrain is considered poor, the venue becomes subject to sanctions.

“… if the pitch or pitches are marked as poor, the competent home committee and venue must explain why the pitch and / or pitches were constructed below the required standard. The pitch or pitch is considered poor if it receives a rating of poor or inappropriate. in a place that represents a substandard field or playground for international cricket, ”the ICC note said Sunday.

Had Ahmedabad’s pitch been rated “bad” in the third test, it would have meant three demerit points. Accumulating five such points over a five-year period would result in a 12-month ban on holding any international cricket matches at that location.

The rating “inappropriate” is awarded in the most difficult circumstances, and in this case the visiting team can consider a good match.

Posted March 14, 2021, 6:14 PM IST