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If you bought a car last year, it could now be worth more than what you would pay for it




In that case, you probably made an amazing investment because you could now sell your one-year-old car at a profit or at least recoup almost what you paid for it, according to an analysis did on CNN. Business.

Typically, a chevy dealership that sells a one-year-old used car will get between 80% and 85% of its original price, according to But according to the latest figures from the site, car dealers can now sell one-year-old used cars for about 95% of the original price. This is the average. And some used cars and trucks are worth even more than they cost when they were new.

What makes your Jeep Wrangler, Subaru Ascent or Honda Civic worth more than it was when it was new per year fa is the simple fact that it exists. It is a car that has already been built, at a time when there is one a huge demand for cars and SUVs and there is not enough inventory to meet that demand. Due to interruptions in the supply of crucial computer chips, car manufacturers have trouble making new cars.

In an extreme case, a According to analysis, the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is worth $ 26,000 more than a new car did a year ago. People paid, on average, about $ 81,000 for brand new Corvettes last summer. (It was a little above the price of the sticker). The current retail value of a used Corvette for a year is about $ 107,000, according to

Jeep Wranglers that were bought last summer are worth, on average, about $ 3,200 more now, according to A Subaru Ascent is worth about $ 1,600 more and a Honda Civic is worth about $ 1,700 more.

Two factors are creating this strange and apparent price differential: low prices for new cars a year ago and high prices for used cars now, Drury said.

Customers of new vehicles were scarce a year ago, as buying vehicles became difficult during coronavirus closures and many people they became insecure about their financial futures. At the time, new vehicle inventories were high and vehicle dealers were willing to negotiate, Drury said. This led to low prices for these cars.

This situation is now reversed. Customers have returned to the market looking for cars that because of this supply chain delays and interruptions, are simply not available. Your used car, then, is starting to look very, very good. So if your dealer sends you letters asking if you want to resell the car you recently bought. Given the extraordinary car demand right now, if you have a good one, especially if it’s even new is in a very good negotiating position.

However, don’t expect to get this kind of increase if you sell a car or change it. The values ​​of used vehicles in Edmunds analysis reflect why a used car dealership could sell the car. If you sell the car yourself, directly to a new owner or at a used car dealership, you will usually get a little less than a dealer will get to sell the car. Such transactions are difficult to track reliably broadly, however, Drury said, so had no price estimates in such situations.

If you change your car at a dealership while buying a new car, you’ll get substantially less (between 5% and 15% less) of its total retail value, according to

La Corveta, for example, is only worth about $ 10,000 more than its original purchase price in exchange, according to

In most cases, even cars that have earned their full retail value since they were bought a year ago will continue to net a little less of their purchase price in return. Jeep Wranglers, for example, will get about $ 2,300 less than its original purchase price if resold to a car dealership. A Honda Civic, about $ 1,200 less than its original price. These are small amounts, however, compared to the financial success that a buyer of a car would normally have when quoting on a car after one year. Typically, someone who traded in a car after a year could expect to lose 20% to 25% of its value, Drury said.

Vans, especially heavy trucks, are especially prone to this reverse value equation. Part of the reason is the greater popularity of the campsite, said Drury, who has people looking for large trucks to tow their new all-terrain vehicles. A Ram 2500, for example, is worth about $ 5,200 more even as a change than its average purchase price a year ago. According to, an F-250 can be exchanged for about $ 3,300 more.

It is likely that this strange situation will not end soon, Drury said. Even if car companies are able to replenish the supply of computer chips, the level of production will take a long time to cover all the demand.

“I give people a year before they see a dealership many look like what they are used to, ”he said.



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