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“I’m not concerned if we get off to a tough start” – Chauncey Billups on his expectations from the Portland Trail Blazers heading into the 2021-22 season



Chauncey Billups said he wasn’t worried if Portland Trail Blazers slowly begin during the 2021-22 season. The former NBA champion took the reins from Terry Stotts during the offseason. After being an assistant coach for You’re Lue in LA, this is the first time Billups has been entrusted with the responsibility of head coach in the NBA.

The Trail Blazers finished the preseason without a win in four games. However, given the change of coach, the team could take some time to adjust to the new head coach and get used to the new scheme of things.

The Blazers are a consistent playoff team. But they didn’t have much success in the post-season, and that’s where Bilups should show. Speaking of the same in an interview, he said:

“I’m not worried if we get off to a tough start. This thing is more about: How can we be better? This team is in the playoffs forever. And then those habits end and it distracts you from trying to extend the season for you. So I’m more concerned about how we can change a lot of things that are really important to us on both sides. And when we really do, I just know how good we are as a team can be. “

“I’m more worried about how we can change a lot of things that are really important to us at both ends of the ball. And when we really do, I just know how good a team we can be.”

The Portland Trail Blazers have one of the toughest schedules this year. Twice in the next month, he will face tough Western Conference opponents like the Denver Nuggets, LA Clippers and Phoenix Suns.

However, they have some amazing players like Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, who are able to create performances that win games every night. If these players continue, the Blazers have a chance to record several wins in a month full of action.

Can the Chauncey Billups lead the Portland Trail Blazers to a deeper playoff result this season?

Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors
Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors

Chauncey Billups was part of the Detroit Pistons team that was considered one of the best defensive units in the NBA.

His addition could help the Trail Blazers become a better defensive unit than they have been in recent years. The pre-season certainly gave the team enough time to put together as a team. Speaking about the team’s progress since he took over the reins, Bilups said:

“I talked a lot about us in the pre-season, we were just realistic about where we are. I mean, we’re trying to change things, some of the ways we do it. There is a process that comes with that. You are watching our pre-season and obviously you do not care about the results in the pre-season, but about the progress. ”

“There have been some moments when we’ve progressed, and there are times when we’ve taken steps back, so you have to expect some of that as you try to change habits.”

The Portland Trail Blazers were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, in the last two years.

Chauncey Billups will strive to end that race and lead the team forward by implementing some great defensive schemes with the Blazers. However, he will need all players to be involved in the process and surrender everything when they take the floor for the 2021-22 regular season starting on October 20th.